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Unique hits in your local hardware store

When it comes to home improvements, the first stop is often the hardware store. Here you will find all the things you need to work, from fasteners to devices. However, these shops do not only have room to fix things. In fact, there are many different items you may not know because you can help with projects in your home.

Paint Paint

You can apply any surface of the facade to a board with the right type of paint. Turn the wall to a place where children can draw or refresh the fridge to a place where your family can leave notes to each other. Simply roll or spray the paint on the desired surface. If you are dry, you are ready to use it. Just make sure you use the right chalk while writing on the surface

anti-slip spray

This clean water spray is used to convey traditionally slippery surfaces. Usable wood, plastic or fiberglass. Use on the bottom of the bathtub to provide greater security, just make sure it does not spray the drain. It works very well on stairs, decks and even under the carpet to prevent slipping.

Magnetic Paint

Magnetic paint may seem like a scientific fiction story, but you can find it in your local hardware store. Paint contains small metal sets. This allows any surface to be painted to attract magnets. It's great to use in stores or anywhere where you can post the items magnetically. Be careful to use in children's rooms. This kind of paint is the most suitable place where it can be checked.

Lighter Silicone Tape

Silicone tape is a suitable tool for repair. However, in most cases, healing can take up to 24 hours. The new self-tapping silicone tape takes only a few minutes to heal. Can be used instead of a shrink tube and any surface, including electrical parts, should be improved. Heat resistant up to 500 degrees.

Shakable siphon

There are times when we need to leak fluid from one area and transport it to another. The shaking siphon helps to get the fluid through the tube. Simply plug one end into the liquid you need to take and shake it several times. This fluid is pulled upwards through the tube and allows you to pump out without filling your mouth with potentially harmful substances.

Spray Rubber

The local hardware shop is packed with interesting sealing materials. No less are these spray guns, which can serve as a watertight seal. There are many practical applications; but it may not be possible to pull a boat out of the screen only in one box.

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