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Understanding various computer hardware

Various types of hardware are of varying importance, but before we get into the types, we first have to look at the term and understand what it means. Computer hardware is simply a physical component of a computer. To be able to read this now, it means that your computer has the physical components needed to run the software or programs.

We will briefly describe the variety of hardware devices most commonly encountered, such as:

o Circuit Board or Motherboard: This is the place where the computer's main processor is located and this component provides most other hardware power supplies.

o Hard Disk: This is a computer storage, in other words, this is the place where the data is used to help the computer work properly. The computer generated data is also stored here

o The CD / DVD drive: This is another type of storage that supports other types of data and storage type.

o Cooling Fan: This is often found on the top of the motherboard / circuit board and as indicated by the name it serves as a coolant. If it is on the computer, it produces heat as the car's engine and this is the function of the cooling fan to ensure that the computer does not overheat the heating.

o The memory chip: this is still a part of the computer brain that manages the information, stores the information needed to operate the computer properly. This also supports the overall speed of your computer … so a little memory means a slow computer.

o Keyboard and Mouse: This is a computer component that helps you enter data (eg typing) and navigation. So in other words this is a communication tool with the computer.

Some of the hardware listed above are likely to encounter more often, but there are many other hardware that may not be part of your computer and attached with external sources. So if you do not have the right computer hardware, you can of course not install software or run programs on your computer.

The optimum performance of your computer depends on the type of hardware you are using. These different hardware effects affect the computer in different ways, but the circuit board is the most affecting computer speed … why? Because, as mentioned earlier, the other components mostly supply the circuit board so if the circuit breaks down, the output of the computer will increase.

Most computer hardware can be upgraded as an individual component, which means that for example, you can notice that your storage space is getting smaller, you can buy an extra hard drive for first backup or completely change the hard drive for another

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