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Try this massive exercise technique in compassion

In many cases, when a man and woman have sex, the accepted way of coexistence has simply jumped and out, no matter what sex position they use. With this gesture, one is usually able to reach orgasm and ejaculate while the woman feels more often, uncomfortable or painful and does not enjoy orgasm at all, so both sides feel frightened and disappointed at each end of each session.

The reason why this was done due to monotone, ineffective and outbound dumping. In addition, many people were forced to believe that the deeper they are, and the faster they attack, the better their partner. The truth is that just sliding and out, you will find that your penis passes the most sensitive areas of your partner's vagina and in many cases do no more than inconvenience and pain to the woman every time your penis tip goes to the uterus wall with all kinds of control

Today we share with you an extremely powerful pushing technique that we can try with our partner tonight. This technique not only increases the level of female and emotional emotions effectively, but also has other impressive benefits that can both help a man and a woman achieve a very satisfying love meeting.

The next time you want to love it, try the following technique

Once you are both turned on and your partner is keen enough and you want to go with it, your penis.

Instead, just insert a bit more than the head of the penis. When you start the thrust, keep the stroke very shallow. In other words, your penis can not move more than one inch in one direction when you jump. In addition, these movements must be kept slow and intentional. The idea is to ensure that your penis will stay close to the partner's vaginal canal while suppressing it.

This makes you very angry with your partner. This is because the environment of the vaginal canal entrance is most pleasantly sensitive to the partner. Think about it, both the clitoris and the g-spot are located next to a woman's vaginal canal and at the entrance. Here are the extra benefits that both can gain from this workload

allows both of them to enjoy more time at coexistence as they are forced to slow down and appreciate the feelings they feel.

Allows you to use your hand effortlessly to encourage other areas of your body's body with more skill, such as stimulating the clitoris or your fingers, to stimulate your nipples and your chest without losing your balance. This, of course, depends to a great extent on the sex position you use.

If you suffer from premature ejaculation, this is a good way to keep it longer. Being forced to slow down and not too deeply or vigorously repel it makes it easier to learn and understand your feelings and climax when you feel you need ejaculation. This is because it minimizes the amount of muscle that is used in the body during shifts and thus avoids the more powerful feeling that can be caused by a strong and deep impression.

If you have an average penis larger than average, take advantage of this technique. This is because he is forced to slow down when he decides, so he or she guides better control if he wants to deeper thrusts, preventing him from accidentally knocking over the partner's uterus wall.

Otherwise, you feel a penis lower than average, this is an excellent technique that allows you to focus less on excitement on size and instead to actually stimulate areas that are most important to most women.

For your partner, this technique is an excellent way to help you relax and get up to gradual prepare for deep injecting.

You can specify some variations for stroke

For example, some short strokes, you can go ahead and give a deep thrust or two or three, depending on your mood. You can also add a variation to your member. Now and then you can stimulate your partner's g-point by pushing the tip of your penis to the upper wall of the partner's vaginal canal.

Remember that not all sex positions are perfect for this kind of exercise Technique

One of the best positions to make this technique effective when your partner is lying on his bed at the edge of the bed while standing or kneeling on the floor below. The idea is to find a position that allows you to move slowly and shallow and do it without losing your balance or feeling as if you were bending all your muscles into your body. This is especially important if you have premature ejaculation. You need to make sure that your body's body is completely relaxed.

It also depends on what you want to do during the time they slid down. For example, if you are looking for space between you and your partner to be free to use your hands to stimulate other areas of your body, you will want a sex position that is not located above your partner, such as the missionary situation. Instead, you can change the missionary situation by sitting straight and kneeling on the bed. To make things more comfortable for your partner, you can put a pillow under your pants.

With the introduction of effective techniques like the one mentioned above, when we are together, we are confident that both your partner and your self are more satisfying whenever they love each other.

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