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Top 25 Criteria All computer students need to know

The following basic terminologies are considered to be the first 25 words that each computer student must know before starting his studies:

1. Bit: Binary data storage unit with 1 or 0 values.

2nd Byte: Eight data bits that are between zero and 255.

3rd Word: Two data bytes or 16 bits of data with a value between zero and 16,535.

4th CD-ROM: approx. 640 megabytes of storage disk

5. CD-ROM drive: Hardware for reading and writing CD-ROMs

6. Storage Device: Magnetic Devices that permanently store computer data

7. File: Lasting storage structure of data stored on a hard disk or other permanent location

8. Virus: Unauthorized programs that infect files or send them by email.

ninth Injury: If unauthorized access can be accessed due to software errors.

10th Security Failure: When Attacks Are Accessed Unauthorized Due to Software Error

11. Worm: Undesirable programs that access your computer from the application / system vulnerabilities.

12th Hardware: Physical Components of a Computer (Case, Disk Drive, Monitor, Microprocessor, etc.)

13. Software: Programs running on a computer system

14. Firmware: Software that has been permanently written to a computer.

15th ISP: ISP.

16th BIOS: The basic input / output system computers use the interface with the devices.

17th MIME: Multipurpose Internet Mail Extension.

18th Boot: What happens when a computer is turned on and activated.

19th Crash: If computer software failures occur and programs do not respond

20. Driver: A program that understands interface devices such as printers and video cards.

21st Network: Electrical Components Transferred between Cables and Other Computers

22. Operating System: Essential Software Component of Your Computer.

23rd Parallel: Send data over multiple lines simultaneously

24. Series: Send data in a single line to one bit at a time.

25th Protocols: Communication Methods and Other Standard Internet / Network Features

These are the 25 most important terms that every computer student must know before starting their technical training. Most computer students know much more. In fact, everyone who uses the computer today needs to understand these conditions to be better informed about the important tool that is so integral to our everyday life.

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