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Top 10 music production software that includes my list

A list of the top 10 music downloads has been compiled. I used each one and find it more useful than other software. Keep in mind that the software I use is not the most suitable for you. Other people have different lists, different styles, but it does not matter that it is always better to look at ourselves.

first Steinberg Nuendo 4

The easiest sequencer I can work with. Nuendo is a good thing because it is based on ASIO, it will mostly work in anything.

2nd Propellerhead Reason 4

Wonderful synthesizers (especially Thor) Great to "configure your own" input output, Great library support for third-party manufacturers. And the best of Reason, that's the combination. The good thing? your freedom to make your voice.

3rd Ableton Live 7

A high-speed manipulator sequencer, it's easy to drag a pattern that you place within a track and the pattern's tempo is the same as the project tempo. Is it good to live 7? Great layout. It helps you a lot, especially if you want to search for files by opening or opening the Menu.

4th Digidesign Pro Tools

Beat Detective, McDSP plugins, these are some of the rare items you can find in Pro Tools. Best of Pro Tools? A great combination of software, hardware, third-party manufacturers, and of course ease of transport and compatibility with A-studios.

5th The Apple Garage Band

An easy-to-see and usable sequencer is especially useful for creating a quick map for the project. Garage Band's best Jam Pack is a good pattern. Do you know that one of the Jam Packs was the first hit of Rihanna?

6th Spectrasonics Stylus RMX

With constantly updated libraries and passionately using Stylus RMX, you can find the results you are looking for. Is Stylus RMX the best? Almost anything you can think of when it comes to spat.

7th FXpansion BFD

Live throws on the box. Mic placement options, custom drums, great designs, is like having all the drums you need to use in your software.

8th Native Instrument Guitar Rig 3 and IK Multimedia Amplitube 2

I can not separate the two! Both have almost the same characteristics. Amp Simulations, Mic Simulations, you name it. The best of them? Big tones!

ninth IK Multimedia's Ampeg SVX

Best? Everything lurks bass guitarist into a great, greasy bass guitar bass that you can get from a software from time to time.

10th Guitar Hero

Well … this is not really a production software .. but that can be very inspirational.

I have the top 10 composing software I have on my list! Now all you have to do is give me a list of top 10 music production hardwares. I'll inform you when I did it.

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