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There are 4 ways to stop the computer jamming and playing the game

If you're an enthusiastic online player, then you've probably suffered the delay of the game and the computer crashes. Many of you spent hours playing in the game's graphic settings to increase the speed of the picture and increase the performance of your favorite games. However, in many cases than not, these efforts are awarded to the player with overall little improvement. The system also meets the recommended hardware requirements for optimum performance, but due to the game, the computer freezes when the operation gets worse. However, modification of in-game specifications and upgrading hardware does not necessarily mean the gameplay and computer freezing legitimate.

This irritation is attributable to conflicting software that compete with system resources or inadequate configuration. Most online games, such as World of Warcraft, need to run smoothly at an average setting. Toy manufacturers assure us that the recommended spectacles run smoothly on the game. However, these recommendations will be computed when the games are tested on a computer optimized for the particular games. Very few people are willing to dedicate a complete computer to a separate game. However, there are a few steps you can take to release more resources for your game. These tips allow you to better optimize your computer for a smoother player online and off-line. .

Failure to play and freeze your computer Tip # 1: Decrease in bandwidth

Windows operating system literally has dozens of services running. These programs do not respect your online play. They need bandwidth and system resources, just like online games. Many programs start automatically when you log on to the network or load Windows. Windows service programs can perform a number of actions by sharing updates, downloads, and application games. The task is to reduce the amounts running during the game to free up bandwidth and resources. This is a great tip for delaying the game and freezing the computer. That's right.

first Click the "Start" button

2. Click the "Run" button

3. Type services.msc

4. To see the detailed description, select "Advanced" from the Services window. Also consider the status of the service in question.

5th To stop the service, select "stop service" or right-click the service, select "All Tasks," then click "Stop"

6. Click the "OK" button

Stopping the Game and Closing the Computer Tip # 2: Turn Off Antivirus / Antispyware while Playing

I'm confident that the proposal will spare you fear. However, these programs are highly taxing the computer. Delay gameplay and freezing your computer, as you are launching a number of small applications and processes during the game. Disabling these programs during gameplay is not completely risk-free, but you will also be surprised by the results.

Game Delay and Closing the Computer Tip # 3: Make sure your hardware and software are able to communicate

This is a very important step that many players tend to miss. DirectX is essential for next-generation Windows games. Large multimedia graphics and sound cards require fast lighting APIs, application programming interfaces to deliver high quality graphics and sounds. API is a kind of bridge for hardware and software. Essentially, APIs provide hardware and software language to communicate with each other. If there is a "bad communication" caused by incorrect settings, then the game breaks or the computer freezes. The task here is to use the DirectX Diagnostic Tools to make sure your audio and video parser is properly configured with Windows DirectX technology. Here is

1. Click the "Start" button

2. Click the "Run" button.

3rd Type dxdiag and press Enter to load the "Direct X Diagnostic Tool" menu. Click the "Display" and "Sound" tabs.

5th Make sure the DX features are enabled and there are no problems.

Needed to perform the test. If you have any problems with reinstalling DirectX and updating your hardware drivers. You can also open Task Manger by pressing the Ctrl-Alt-Delete key and viewing the process tab to evaluate which services are used for system resources. Visit the "For High CPU Usage" for more details

Stopping the Game and Closing the Computer Tip # 4: Clearing and Arranging the Hard Drive

A Simple Yet Not Overlooked Need , lagging behind. The faster your game finds the files, the less worry you will have about the lack of gameplay and the freezing of your computer. Defragmenting helps reduce the amount of hard drive you need to find files. Cleaning the registry will reduce errors and create more free space for RAM and CPU to work more efficiently. These two steps require the computer to freeze. "4 Ways to Speed ​​Up Your Computer" shows you how to take these steps

Undoubtedly, the custom is to upgrade your computer's hardware for next-generation games with graphics and sound technology. However, this action adds more expensive hobbies to PC games than it really needs. Hopefully, the above tips reward you for a smoother game and help you end the daily computer crashes and gameplay delays.

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