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The solo musician's set of instruments

If you are an independent musician, there are some tools you need to know and are in the toolbar. It's best to get ready for what's going on in the form of concerts and music. In this article, I have to think of some general things in the form of hardware, hardware and software that will give you a pleasure in this competitive and demanding world.

Keep in mind that these are both suggestions and your personal circumstances, depending on what you are and are unable to obtain.

I suppose you already have the instrument you've chosen and have sent thousands of hours to improve your talent.

There is no way! … you get rid of what you did.
When you spend time improving your talents, you will surely enjoy the benefits.

So … Go away.
I list all the elements I think about this article and where to get them.
In some cases, briefly describes what you can do with them.

first PA Equipment: You will need some PA equipment, preferably small to small and compact but powerful sound quality

2. Microphone: You will need a microphone for times when you show your great voice.
You will also need a microphone stand.

3rd Speaker Stands: It is recommended that the loudspeakers lift the loudspeakers, lift loudspeakers over people's heads in restaurants, cafes, etc. Playing …
You do not want to drive people, or blow your motherfucky eyebrows.

4th Promotional Stand: You need a promotional stand that can be used by people to view, purchase, and receive the promotional material, CDs, and any materials available as they come.
This can be something that is portable, small and compact, but it can appear.

5th Tip Jar: I recommend a tip jar that appears once more.

6th Play-a-Long Library: I recommend a long-term library for all musicians, especially for individual musicians.
As I wrote in the previous article, "Tips for a Custom Musician", you can only play social concerts and target small businesses.

7th CD, Egypt, Cassette player: Play a CD or cassette player with the pitch control to play the game through PA.

8th Computer: If possible, you should use enough computers to record your own CDs.
You can create your own Play-a-Longs with your own musical style.

ninth Recording Software: Your computer requires some recording software.
I suggest Cakewalk.

10th Sound card: In some cases, a sound card is required for your computer.
I suggest Sound Blaster Live.

eleventh Keyboard: I think every music player must have some keyboard.
There are hundreds to choose from, according to the budget.

12th CD Writing Software: There is some CD burning software.
There are hundreds of choices again.
Microsoft Media Player is free.

13th Business card software: I recommend a business card software for my computer.
"Parabim Business Card Builder" is very effective.

14th Musicians Website: Every musician must have a website.
I recommend "Baby Doll", all you need on the musicians website is here.

15th Internet Promotion Program: A program that promotes music and the Internet itself.
I recommend, "Musicians Power Promotion System".

This is just a few things that will help you become a successful singer.
One thing to remember is … We always act … Look … and the dress is professional.
This is the first impression you can or can interrupt.

Just click the links provided in this article where it is marked and you will be taken to that website when you find the item.

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