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The importance of electronic components

Different technologies have played a significant role in developing new products, modules and tools that serve humankind in a variety of ways – making life more convenient with the opportunities they offer. Of the information we know today, electronic components have greatly facilitated the development of such elements. Although we may not know about it, it is surrounded not only by one but also by many electronic elements that ensure that the things around us work accordingly.

The electronic component is defined as an element of electronics that has wires (terminals) that allow functional devices to connect to other components depending on the intended application. For example, if you look at the computer's motherboard, you will be presented with a wide range of electronic components, each of which must have a specific function. These components are interconnected by a circuit board whose circuits are printed with small circuits. This electroplating process can be carried out in different ways using various metals and alloys to create a circuit through which electricity can pass through and provide power to the system. The electronic components are then arranged on the printed circuit board (PCB) so that a complete circuit is made.

The computer's motherboard is a good example of a complete collection of electronic components as it has many elements, such as diodes, resistors, capacitors, and more sophisticated devices, such as a ROM that has more than two terminals for the circuit and a computer memory device. The presence of electronic components in computers is mandatory, since all the necessary processes that are essential for its proper functioning are through electronic circuitry and component transfer.

Even a simple remote control for home television has a component known as a light-emitting diode (LED): this is the small red or green light that is switched on when each key is pressed. The complex configuration and combination of these components is the most popular today, such as mobile phones, laptops, tablets, and other electronic devices that are used in our day-to-day activities. With these ingredients, the world has been introduced to better perform certain methods and to offer a wide range of options.

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