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The History of the HP TouchSmart Desktop Computer

TouchSmart is an HP touchscreen computer. All computers are on a desktop PC or laptop. The operating system used by HP TouchSmart is Windows Vista and more recently, the new Windows 7. Depends on the model chosen, it has an Intel or AMD processor.

Bill Gates launched the TouchSmart trip in January 2007, the first touch-screen computer to be sold as a desktop computer. The TouchSmart IQ770 Series's First TouchSmart Machines have a 19-inch touch screen. The machine had to wait for a modern desktop machine that contained a number of USB ports and connectors to connect the Internet and other devices. The first models received good reviews.

Some time has passed and in June 2008, the second series of TouchSmart computers, the HP TouchSmart IQ500, appeared. These computers had a larger 22-inch touch screen monitor, Intel Core Duo processor and a large 500GB disk space. HP has also released the TouchSmart IQ800 Series, which has a 25.5-inch touch screen monitor, and creates more entertainment centers with a TV tuner with remote control. Some models in the IQ800 series have built-in Blu-Ray.

The latest touchscreen models in the HP touchscreen range are TouchSmart 300 and TouchSmart 600, both of which appeared in October 2009. The TouchSmart 300 is a great family computer and very easy to use. This third-generation HP touch screen computer will continue to highlight digital review sites. TouchSmart 300 began to integrate voice recognition into some of its programs, making it a truly futuristic machine. The TouchSmart 300 and TouchSmart 600 are similar to specifications where the screen size is different, as the TouchSmart 300 has a 20-inch monitor, while the TouchSmart 600 has 23 inches.

TouchSmart 300 and TouchSmart 600 target the consumer market, but HP has released TouchSmart 9100 for business users. The TouchSmart 9100 is very similar to the TouchSmart 600, which runs on Windows 7 Professional. The software packed in a stunning machine is better suited to business users than consumer models.

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