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The fastest desktop gaming machine

PC and Console games consistently favor PCs with the latest and greatest technology. While console players have to wait more than 5 years for upgraded processors or graphics, PC gamers can upgrade every year if they want. It is practically essential for many. Multiple speeds create the ability to display more complex and detailed 3D graphics. This means that a really fast computer running the latest high-end gaming experience delivers a truly captivating (and impressive) experience that is unparalleled on the market.

So what is the fastest desktop computer? Well, this is a virtual coin throw between systems built on the Intel core i7 Processor platform and systems using the AMD Phenom II X4 Quad Core CPU. Both processors provide enough power and performance to cope with the heart of every tough player. Spoiler: The Intel Core i7 980x is pretty cool. Still, not everyone can afford the king – especially if he is a new king next year and next year. AMD Phenom delivers very similar performance to the i7 line, and performs slightly better than quad-core i7 for quad-core i7.

If you are on a fast desktop computer market, nothing can be done wrong, just finding the price point that offers the best price on your budget. If you have a particular game (such as something that has just come out or is coming out), it is not a bad idea to search the web and see if someone has run a benchmark for that particular game. Some reviewers will receive a copy before release and use them in their hardware tests if they know the game will be the new "gold standard" when it comes out.

There is no doubt that all benchmarks considered Intel i7 980x on the market are currently the fastest desktop gaming machine. In some tests, it outperforms the highest Phenom chips in a lot of tests. It also includes a price tag for the price, but for serious hard players with a high budget and the fastest, strongest PC, the 980x is a mandatory processor. For those running on tighter budgets, the AMD Phenom and other Intel core i7 chips are far from performance and offer the right price range.

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