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The Evolis Printer

Cards, cards and more cards are available for many reasons in our everyday world. Membership cards, credit cards, debit cards, shipping tickets are just some of the cards used for everyday use.

Cards are made by special printers, which are manufactured by only a few quality identification card manufacturers. One such manufacturer is Evolis. The Evolis printer manufacturer offers many different printer models for large and small businesses. Simple, high-quality badges and a more sophisticated, large and extremely secure card can be printed on available Evolis printers.

Tattoo 2 is the most economical printer for Evolis models. This printer is a heat transfer printer that prints single-sided cards. The printer is not designed for large production situations, but focuses on the small business or organization that makes the occasional card. This printer is also suitable for pre-printed cards that need to be customized with monochrome printing.

Evolis's most popular printer is Evolis Pebble. This one-sided identification card printer is the ideal solution for single-sided printing in larger volumes. Employee IDs, student IDs, loyalty cards and other unique cards are printed in full color. The card will print approx. It ends in 30 seconds. Use this printer to print text, logos, barcodes, photos, and more.

Evolis's favorite two-sided printer is Evolis Dualys. This printer is ideal for medium to large printing on the front and back of the card. In a single pass, this printer prints full color and then black backwards before pushing the card into the output container. Dualys lets you create custom cards for many applications.

One of the best things about Pebble and Dualys is that they have a three-year manufacturer's warranty. The first and one of the manufacturers offering such extended warranty is Evolis proud of the quality of the product line.

Evolis Quantum is the ultimate printer for high-volume printing. For high volume applications, card design can be printed on hundreds of cards at once. The printer provides consistent, accurate custom cards for customized individual results or high volume, recurring card printing needs.

The printer with safety features is Evolis Securion. This printer produces secure badges for many security applications. This printer produces simple identifiers and security cards that are proven to be fraudulent. The laminate applies to various films: patch, lacquer, holographic or regular film. The printer has a Kensington lock system for fixing the printer and supplies.

For more detailed information about each printer, contact Evolis Printers and Evolis.

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