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The easiest way to discover a hidden partition

After my first article on the hidden partition, I realized that the solution I had was quite difficult for newborns, so I searched and tried different solutions and programs until I could find this terrible little software called PARTEDIT32 [19659002] This small free software allows you to view the partition with a few mouse buttons and Windows XP operating system.

Just crack and start Partedit32, the user interface opens, simple but effective if you have more than one hard drive, select the hard drive where the hidden partition is in the hard drive menu and then look at the partition table in the TYPE column. Partedit32 contains a list of various types of partitions and can be accessed by clicking the SET TYPE button. 19659002] In this example, on an Acer laptop the partition name pqservice type 12, type 07 and backup

You just need to restart the computer now, enter "my computer", you can see the hidden partition a pqservice. If you do not see the hidden partition, repeat the operation but disable the D2D recovery software in the bios menu. To open the BIOS, press the F2 key under the boot (note that in the case of Phoenix Bios, check the user manual for other bios). On the main menu, set D2D recovery to disable, save the restart of the change and perform it.

The PARTEDIT32 software can be downloaded with laptop support after a free registration. you must turn it back only to hide the pqservice partition. Note that if you want to create documents or software, you can create a partition, save the merchandise and hide this partition using partedit32.

Victor Pradel

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