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The development of the printing industry

Changes in the printing industry and the Internet are so fast as to create a new way to print with the printer so fast. Previously, when printing with a printer, this is a device that receives a large number of "commands" or orders from a computer directly, and uses the printer cable connection to meet the table conditions in the same room.

But the evolution of the Mobile Digital world, we see the advancement of web technology that works with a WEB Smartphone or Tablet, which also alters the printer's printing behavior when we can only print in limited places at home and time, all changed perspectives anywhere and anytime can be printed anywhere and in time (ePrint technology)

This is also the case for working from a home or office desktop computer on a mobile device for tablet and smartphone and printers, as well as printing paradigm change with USB cable and printing with printer driver for WEB -internet, cloud (cloud) and directly to use the phone.

If we look at things – the things listed below and the old change, we're printing a new way. We report more often than the elderly that Internet technology has not developed at that time, so we are less valued because we have more digital documents shared over the WEB. We've worked hard with Smartphones and Tablets that are not always connected to the WEB so you can not print directly. Although the current situation is less prioritized, printing of business needs will continue to evolve for personal needs, office and business printing.

During the First Printing During Printing

In the old time we need physical connection and install printer drivers, but during this time the printer can NOT print the necessary Wi-Fi network cable with the computer the printer and the computer are still connected to one another, for example, the driver must first be installed, the old method when it is done, the current situation where people usually travel a lot and away from the office or home and they use mobile devices such as PDAs, Blackberry, Smartphones, Notebooks, and Tablets.

What is the printer currently?

Printer and computer users are very dependent on "cloud computing" or Internet connectivity when we finish our job on the road and elsewhere. Today we are all dependent on mobile devices, such as Notebook, Tablet, and Mobile-based Internet. Today, we can send and receive emails, pictures and documents that we would print when we were out of the office and then printed out to return to the office with extremely sophisticated internet technology. You can also send documents that you want to print to another printer that supports cloud-based printing, so you can print it anytime, anytime without setting up the printer drivers.

HP has introduced Cloud Printing technology, which operates on the WEB, known as HP ePrint.

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