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The benefits of custom software over packaged software

first SINGLE SOFTWARE: Custom software solutions allow you to develop software solutions that depict individual business processes and not change business processes to meet the "packaged software".

PACKED SOFTWARE: fit the package's requirements to suit your business.

2nd SPECIFIC SOFTWARE: Precise definition and fulfillment of requirements for your business

PACKED SOFTWARE: Choosing the most suitable software package is very difficult.

3rd SPECIFIC SOFTWARE: You can have a custom application with all the features you need and apply for your business.

PACKED SOFTWARE: You may be paying a lot of money for features you do not really need to use software effectively in business.

4th SPECIFIC SOFTWARE: The cost and amount of necessary training is a forward-looking investment. 24/7 Support Available in Software Functionality and Training

PACKED SOFTWARE: If the product is complex, the staff is confused, so the software is useless. You may not receive 24/7 support services and attention from your business.

5th CUSTOM SOFTWARE: There are no license fees for custom solutions. Once you've paid for the product, you usually have as many copies as you need.

PACKED SOFTWARE: When purchasing a licensing software, you always have to pay a license fee. SPECIFIC SOFTWARE: After paying for the product, you can use it for as many employees as you need.

PACKED SOFTWARE: The initial purchase price of a product limits the right to use a limited number of current users. You need to pay more if you want your product to be available to multiple users.

7th CUSTOM SOFTWARE: Custom software developers can create a version that only contains the kernel and the basic system modules. This allows you to fix bugs found in the software

PACKED SOFTWARE: Compared to packaged software, it often finds serious errors that are short-lived between deadline and first sale

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