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The 5 best management software tools for lawyers

Choosing the right business software for the law firm in these days can be quite scary with the mere amount of products available on the market. With LPO's introduction Law Practice Optimization it is increasingly becoming a requirement of the mainstream process, and not just a consideration, since choosing the right product before committing an office to any long-term solution is essential.

A brief overview of today's leading solutions

Legal Assistant Legal Assistant offers a highly competitive product that proudly exclaims that it is one of the few case management systems that retain consistency in its application unlike other products available on the market

The legal assistant provides a variety of databases for managing various aspects of the software, such as Clients, Accounts, Accounts, Accounts, leaf templates, case files, etc. They all fit perfectly together. Currently, the Legal Assistant offers modules for personal injury, property, criminal law and family law.

The company was founded in 2006 and has followed the ethics of producing software designed by lawyers since the beginning. The Legal Assistant costs just $ 75 per month, per module, per lawyer, so it's good for both a small company and a larger company. [19645002] Amicus Lawyer Amicus Lawyer is one of the longest established companies founded in 1993. They offer a variety of client management applications, depending on the level of functionality required, and depending on a dedicated mobile release. "Small Business Edition", "Amicus Accounting," "Premium Edition" and "Mobile Edition" to manage time and billing, allowing smartphones to connect to a server that is one of the software

Amicus generally uses a fairly more complex pricing model than other products for the initial purchase of the product by applying different flat rates followed by variable prices for maintenance plans and other levels For those who already know the product, this is a it may be an attractive option with a one-off fee, but if you have a one-off payment, your cost per call would cost $ 99, which will soon offset your choice of one support system.

Abacus Act Abacus Law was founded by Caldorn Judd Kessler California lawyer in 1983. The company is Aba cusLaw, which includes typical case management and document management services and "AbacusLaw Gold" billing for the "Abacus Sky" standard package, which is a cloud hosted package, so there is no need to install everything in the office as all required applications and associated data can be remotely controlled

An online demo is available on negotiation and pricing is unfortunately applied Needles is another company that has been in the market for software for a significant period of time. Originally founded in 1982, Needles has released the first Personal Injury Case Management System, which is known as the Microsoft DOS known as PINS (Personal Injury Negligence System) in 1985 In 5, PINS migrated to the Microsoft Windows platform, and the product is now known as Needles.

Needles are a highly customizable product that supports personal injury, employee compensation, social security, protection, family law, and so on. Includes downloaded directories to configure the type of incident to customize the platform. The pricing model for needles is based on the number of concurrent users, that is, the number of users who can use the system simultaneously. The cost of a copy for a user is $ 4110, which is $ 1000 for software, $ 180 a year, $ 650 for database licenses, and $ 2,280 for implementation and training. The 10 User License Price for $ 16,000.00

Prevail Prevail is a management tool that provides automation. Prevails offers an intuitive, easy-to-use interface, client and contact management in the form of digital "rolodex". The document can be integrated with WordPerfect, Microsoft Word or Adobe Acrobat and calendar / calendar functions with Microsoft Outlook

There are no prices available on the website, so the pricing model can be applied.

All the information in this article reflects the information collected during the writing (May 2011) through various sources of the Internet. The author can not be held responsible for any errors or price changes, software features, or any other issues.

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