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Ten hardware stores for every home

Every home, no matter what new, small repairs it requires. Due to new homeowners and DIYers, it is difficult to say what tools are needed for the job. The hardware business is packed with great opportunities, browsing the corridors is overwhelmed. The following are the ten basic tools that every homeowner needs to prepare for everyday repairs.

first Hammer

Smooth hammer with comfortable handle ideal for various uses, such as hanging pictures and assembly of furniture. Bent nails are practical for pulling the bent nail, while a straight sleeve for occasional breakdown.

2nd Screwdriver Set

Lighting fixtures, cabinets, switchboards, handles: homes are packed with batteries requiring screws. Different flat head heads and Philips head screwdrivers are a great investment and are used again and again. Magnet heads are helpful as they are comfortable anti-slip rubber handles.

3rd Fabric Adhesive Tape

Home Remedies and End Tools, Channel Tape is a fast, easy patch for tear, tears, holes and leaks. Super sticky and thick, the stripline is perfect for repair and there are many colors and designs in the hardware store. This is also a major temporary solution to water pipe installation problems. Stop leaks so much that you get professional help.

4th Tape measure

Available in a variety of sizes, the 16 "comes with most household projects. The easy-to-lock 3/4 wide design is strong enough to be too large in size. Find one with a nice hook in the end it is easy to grasp.

5. Pocket Set

Properly to lace and bend the metal, yet flexible enough to hold small objects, the pliers need to hold firmly. Find a set that includes long nose, tongue and groove, and side-cutters.

6th Long and short adjustable wrenches

Needed to manipulate hexagonal nuts and bolts, both long and short adjustable wrenches will see through many home repairs. Use the longer handles for sticky nuts to get even more effort. If the space is narrow, shorter handles are required. The adjustable function ensures that all screws fit

7. Swiss Army Knife

This ultra-versatile tool offers a wide range of applications including opening boxes, overlapping on the carpet, shaving and shaving. Insert a high quality model with a comfortable rubber handle. Blade storage is also convenient and increases security as it makes quick and easy knife replacement

. Level

It's easy to keep things straight and even, the hardware store is in a wide range when it comes to levels. There are high-tech laser levels, but for most household projects the good old-fashioned bubble level is accurate, easy to use and get the job

. Cordless drill and drill kit

Electric drills make the number of household projects much faster and easier. Wireless options are very convenient and do not guarantee the hunting of wall sockets. Drill bits with metal, wood and universal assortment ensure that you meet all your needs.

10th Ladder

For vertically challenged staircases are an invaluable tool. Replacing Bulbs, Positioning Curtains, Replacing Smoke Detection Elements – Stairways Make Lightweight and Secure Work with All Highlights

These features (and many more) can be found in your local hardware store. With these ten tools I'll be the breeze and the basic repairs and projects!

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