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Temporary Personnel Agency – How to Get Started

The temporary staff sector is expanding, annual double-digit growth is general. Companies find it convenient and cost-effective to cooperate with the temporary staffing agency to meet unforeseen demand, support short-term job offers and support workloads that are changing due to restructuring or merger. In addition, employers are combined with the new staff of "test drive" to minimize risks and ensure the right position for permanent positions.

Many jobseekers have been rewarded by temporary staff. Skilled, but still experienced workers are able to be in the door at prestigious companies where a weak sequel is very difficult to balance. Likewise, "drifter" (those who tend to move quickly from work to work) may continue for too long. Temporary staffing services can be ideal for spin-offers as they have the opportunity to develop short-term projects and proceed without negative consequences. Retired and college students are also very common candidates. A retired nurse can get pleasure and extra income from a temporary medical staff company. IT professionals can gain valuable experience in a technical agency.

Only a small number of staff are required to handle recruitment and clientele. Even the largest international companies operate with small, mostly independent accounts that serve some regions. This modular structure means that a one-person temporary staff agency is able to compete effectively with existing companies.

Overall, the triple benefits of customers, staff and entrepreneurs contributed to the temporary staff industry. Thanks to these benefits, good times and bad are an integral part of the process of employment.

Initial Costs and Funding Resources:

$ 5,000 and $ 25,000

The commissioning and operation of the temporary staffing agency costs are much lower than many other businesses. The basic requirements are a small office that includes a computer system with typical benefits, general accounting software, and database software for organizing contracts, as well as the willingness of staff and staff. It would not be impossible to introduce a temporary staffing agency with a pair of dollars a penny.

The biggest business cost is payroll. Often, staff pay to the agency before the agency pays the client. Bills must be maintained with adequate funds to cover wage costs until accounts are paid by customers

It is difficult – but not impossible – to get help from venture capitalists to cover the costs of creating a temporary staffing agency. A well-researched, forward-looking business plan is essential.

Service Pricing Guidelines:

Associated Employers pay the clock and the agency will cover its costs billing to the customer. The exact amount of the bonus is different depending on the case and may vary from 5% to 50%. Some staff are willing to work less, and some customers are willing to pay more, which can result in a fairly profitable profit for the temporary staff agency when properly matched. The contract generally requires a flat fee to be paid to the agency if the client chooses to hire a staff permanently. The competitive advantage of small start-ups is that larger agencies have already established good reputation and brand recognition. This is actually a minor obstacle to the localized nature of the business. There is no need to take national marketing fights for a new agency. An inexpensive and well-managed marketing campaign can quickly establish itself in the local operational region of commissioning.

A basic office equipment (perhaps a home office) should be equipped with standard office equipment and at least two phone lines.

A computer system with at least one accounting software and a database required to track projects. The printer is used for printing invoices and work schedules, and high-speed Internet connections connect the agency to online job search sites.

Numerous temporary staffing services have computers that provide tutor software to assist companions in keyboard and core office training software skills. These computers are also used to test applicants' skills.


Billions of dollars are spent on temporary staffing services annually. A small, single office agency can get profits in the tens of thousands of dollars. Large international companies receive millions a year.

Target Market:

A temporary staff agency between the two different markets: customer and employee mediator.

is a difficult matter to reach hundreds of applicants with simple help for the ads you want. They will pay more attention to connecting to client companies and be convinced that their services will help their business.

Some industries are more receptive to temporary staff. Financial institutions and other office-based companies are constantly looking for qualified office support staff. Factories often require labor for light industry jobs, assembly of products, and delivery and purchase tasks. Hospitals and clinics use temporary medical staff to pick up transcripts, certified nursing professionals and other support staff. Increasingly, high technology companies hire computer programmers, database specialists and system engineers temporarily through technical placement agencies.

Tips for success:

In major markets, temporary staffing providers may find expertise in disciplines such as temporary medical staff, legal, financial or technical areas. The concentrated nature of these agencies allows recruiters to consist of highly trained, trained and experienced staff capable of providing the best service to customers in a given industry.

The hospital director may feel more comfortable with nursing staff than a temporary health service agency, such as a one-stop shop, which also houses welders, cleaners and clerks. This trust will also help your staff to manage better wages than they would otherwise receive via a temporary staffing agency for a general service.


Most of the running of the temporary staffing agency can be automated with computer programs. Well-designed database software makes it easier to meet the right working environments with the right staff. Accounting operations are very highly automated (but in close cooperation with the good auditor it is still advisable). With these tools, there are only two main tasks: finding customers and looking for staff

Use your own services!

Increasing business activity will require staff recruitment for recruitment and marketing. This can never be a problem, as typically dozens or hundreds of qualified candidates are already in contact with the agency! The training, skills and experience needed:

Human Resources, Business Management and Marketing. A diploma is not essential to starting a business, but knowledge gained through a business management program is extremely useful. People's abilities are important and they can learn with experience and self-learning. Numerous books have been published, with special regard to business opportunities with temporary staff.

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