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Super Computers for Our Earth

If you stay in scientific journals and journals, you will know that NASA has made a long way in our research to study our planet. They now have more data than ever and can process these data using supercomputers. In the past, computers could not merge numbers quickly enough to handle bulk data sets and data sets. Now, supercomputers have changed this, we can now develop models that answer questions that will help you in the future. Many of these models seem like magic.

Such modeling can help you understand the effects of an asteroid or god, forbid a pot of water that will sink into the ground and what will be the most likely. Which areas will destroy the explosion and which regions will get long-term effects and where life will survive to conquer and adapt.

Using this modeling, you can estimate the pollution from a fire in CA or China and affect the whole Earth's atmosphere. We know the currents of the volcanic ash as it dies and is dispersed on the planet. We will still be able to predict if this ash would be likely to present and near future patterns and what will be the chain reaction to surface plants and animals in the long run. We can also understand that the climate impact and volume of Earth's volcanic activity is that weather, sunlight, and self-pollution contribute to the whole atmospheric earth system. Supercomputers make this a reality today. Think what the future of mankind means?

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