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Software testing is not just debugging

Software testing is more than just finding a bug in the software's source code. It is a more sophisticated feature of software development than exploring script errors. Although the software test is the process of implementing the system, with a view to finding errors, it is more involved in ensuring the reliability of the software and in determining whether it meets the desired output. It also deals with software verification and validation.

One of the primary goals of software testing is to evaluate the capabilities or features of software capabilities to meet standards and customer requirements satisfactorily. But we must remember that the software test is not an absolute measure of quality. Testers & # 39; the task is to test that it is not created there before it is the responsibility of the software developer to produce quality tests for testers to perform a quality test in a quality program. The task of the tester is to highlight the errors and weaknesses of the software and the developers have to act again. Testing can never fully determine the correctness of computer software, but simply criticizes or compares the product with existing standards, specifications, and user requirements.

Testers do not match the debugger, the debugger is a wannabe tester whose software testing idea is to restore the codes to restore the errors. Real and mature software testers are more concerned with authentication and validation than mere excavation. They focus on verifying and validating whether the software passes or reaches the desired standards or requirements before it can be used for general use. They are responsible for throwing and answering questions: have we developed the software? Have we developed the right software?

He believes that their task is only to remember that mistakes should aim for maturity, and find opportunities and learn how to become more productive in this area. Challenge themselves to a larger tool for your team, not just a bug-finder.

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