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Software for managing site content (CMS)

CMS is growing in recent years, CMS software is installed on a server server that allows you to manage the creation of HTML content. One of the most important features of CMS is that people with little or no programming knowledge simply can not use author tools to generate written text and images in a predefined layout.

For most content management systems, database needs the content and details of the site in XML files, providing flexible opportunities for presentations. The content of the site you are viewing is arranged using template files. The administration process is typically done on a browser interface, meaning that the site owner can update content from any computer anywhere in the world.

Creating CMS from scratch is time-consuming and harder for a web designer to offer a long list of open source systems that can be used as building blocks. Design can be done with graphical and css styles.

Listed below are the most popular open source content management systems

  • Drupal
  • Joomla
  • WordPress
  • Expression Engine
  • Frog

These content management systems are often used for blogging, Drupal and Joomla can be modified for any purpose. These systems are completely free to use and have huge open source combinations, which means that thousands of people support systems and develop them further.

Many large companies and famous brand content management systems, the White House, MTV, FedEx, Nike, Ford Motoring, Discovery Channel, Playboy and Nasa are just some of the biggest names Drupal knows.

The commercial templates and extensions of content management systems have become major issues to help create beautiful web pages with advanced features. The Rocket theme seems to be the largest supplier of the highest quality commercial templates and extensions, and will release new designs every month.

The CMS site spends somewhat more on a web designer than a static HTML site but is likely to save money in the long run, at the beginning you do not have to pay excessive web designer for the slightest modifications. Secondly, CMS pages can be easily upgraded and new security fixes are available throughout the year


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