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Simple laptop solutions – 7 easy ways to keep your laptop battery longer

Reduce the brightness of your laptop monitor or screen. "Besides the fact that laptop screens consume a lot of energy, the brightness is also bad for the eyes. Therefore, make sure that it significantly reduces the brightness.

Select the power management option in the power management options. – With the power management features of your laptop, you can choose the power saving option that saves battery power, reducing power and ensuring battery life.

Do not charge the battery in time for more than 8 hours. – Reduces battery life by charging the battery longer than necessary. If the battery is fully marked, simply remove the power source.

Do not close the ventilation holes – Simply increase the battery temperature and shorten the lifetime of your laptop battery.

Buy a spare battery. – If you have a dead laptop battery, you may need to repair a laptop battery. It does not matter to you to buy a spare battery, except for the purchase costs. Using a spare battery allows longer battery life for both batteries. This will prevent damage to the damaged battery.

Remove the external devices. – Does any external device such as iPod, USB flash drives, cell phones, Wi-Fi devices, and Bluetooth consume all the power or do they think it works? If necessary, remove them

Use the correct battery charger. – Some people think they can use any battery charger to charge their laptops. Do not accept your laptop because even when it is charging, it is still not the right adapter. If you have a bad laptop power adapter or adapter, you can search for a laptop power plug or replace it.

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