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Silo Effect for Software Testing

People may not know what a silo effect means. But everything is simple. Silo is a situation where someone's opinions, ideas and plans are limited by the existing prejudice and experience of other people.

The staff of the software manufacturing company, as well as other non-IT companies, perform tasks in silos. This is a rather complicated concept and should be considered more accurately.

What are silicone types

  • An official silo. There are groups of professionals in each company that perform specific tasks and solve specific problems. There are developers, testers, product managers, sales managers, administrators, etc.
  • An informal silo. This type concerns the same ideas, standards and concepts used by individual groups or schools. In addition, the silo effect can also be taken into account by applying defined test principles and approaches, such as session approach or automation.

The silo effect also has advantages and disadvantages. Here are the benefits of silo in the field of software testing

What are the benefits of silos?

  • This is the basis for building a group of professionals sharing a common position.
  • The silos provide the efforts of all members of the experimental group
  • Supporting networks are created with the help of silos
  • . effective communication within the test group
  • The credibility of all members of the group is due to the silos

All of these aspects of silos have a positive effect on the test process and team spirit. Unfortunately, despite the benefits, the silo has some minus. It is very important to prevent the negative effects of silos

What are the drawbacks of the silo

  • Silo can limit the imagination of an expert. The tunnel vision of the control process does not provide effective functional testing or performance testing .
  • The silo causes tribalism. The enemy of the developers or another test group prevents the timely production of a fault-free application or system.
  • Silo may be misleading, misunderstandings, troubles and difficulties
  • . is different from your own thoughts, leads to less productive automated testing or any other type of control. The valid proposals must be reviewed and taken into account.
  • Professionals may be blind due to the effect of the silo.

There is a fine line between the advantages and disadvantages of silos. The level of influence of the silo should always be checked for each team member and for the entire test group.

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