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Server Hardware Testing and Fusing – Detailed Stress Test and Fault Detection on New Hardware

Continue, confess, you were thinking about it yourself. Would not it be enough to ignite the computer? Unfortunately this article does not work. Burning In uses the term that describes the process of testing the newly deployed server hardware for errors before using it in a live environment. This is called "Stress Testing" & # 39; software for a while.

When we get new server hardware, we're always burning to ensure that the server hardware meets the high standard. If the hardware fails at all points, we will return it to the vendor. The actual process is simple, but the setting is not.


First, when the new server is turned on, we start from the network that will allow us to start multiple machines at once without requiring 20+ boot disks. The first test run is the well-known Memtest, found on Google, it thoroughly checks your computer's memory and runs for about 1 day.

If your computer handles Memtest, it restores it and launches it with a unique Red Hat kickstart installation that installs a bare Red Hat environment and a Cerberus Test Control System that installs a number of tests on all your hardware hardware.


Cerberus performs a number of tasks for CPU testing. It compiles the Linux kernel over and over again, running complex math problems (how long does it take for 3214235409234472020393848453 to be primary?) And runs a special code that runs the hottest CPU.

Cerberus writes large amounts of data to hard drives over and over again in order to make the drive bay work, delete and move files and check disks for errors.

If, in a week, the server is still running (not smoking) and did not fall apart, it is considered to be pretty good as a production machine. If the tests can not be reached along the way, the packaging is filled and needs to be replaced. Web servers that have survived this process will surely survive everything they can.

Generally, we expect this level of testing to be finalized by hardware manufacturers, so these tests can not be a mistake. In our experience we test hundreds of machines, regularly find errors and return parts.

This is why it is very important to test the computers on a server that the availability requirements are so high. The smallest errors cause shutdown and shutdown. Once you've installed a web server, you will never be able to stay offline and perform such a detailed test. Even if it crashes, there is always a need to reset it to the Internet as soon as possible and not stay offline, although the tests are over.

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