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RFID in everyday settings: the airport

When traveling by plane, you have to go through an airport, no one can do it, but getting to the gate, airplane and destination is possible with the least possible problem, especially with RFID technology.

RFID technology is used for radio frequency identification and tracking of people and devices, effectively rationalizing all the things we all take for granted. It consists of three components that work together, labels, readers, and software that are accessed through a computer or smartphone.

Today we can enter our machines, if we use this technology, we simply go to a kiosk, put our ticket and check our passport if necessary. This information is transmitted to the network and shows that you and your party are successfully logged in, without the need for a ticket counter.

Then check your baggage. Each suitcase gets a sticker that surrounds the barcode. This is part of technology identification, as readers read this barcode at every point to the desired destination and from there. If your bag disappears, it can be easily tracked and easily recycled using the same barcode.

Once he got on his boarding pass (through the kiosk) and his bags were taken care of to make time for safety. The boarding passes and passports are then re-checked and scanned in the same way as an extra precaution. Network information can be updated or left alone, depending on how security works. For example, if you are trained, your name should be removed from the flight list.

You've cleared the security, so everything left is to find the right gate and start boarding. As soon as the line is invited, the gatekeeper reads the boarding pass again and can ask for his passport or ID again. It keeps everyone safe and not careful but is still part of the system.

Now you can sit back, relax and enjoy the fun on board when you head to your destination, knowing that your bag will be on the other end. If not, RFID technology will never track them.

RFID – just a little bit that makes our life easier.

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