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Restore the Windows XP Network Card Driver

Many computer users are always ready to upgrade their net card drivers to the latest version, so they think they will be able to dig up and utilize the full potential of the card. In fact, most of the latest network interface card drivers have such or these types of errors, and if you install them on your local computer system, the network adapter may be unstable. Therefore, after you upgrade your network card drivers if you lose the line while browsing the net, or if your network is often experiencing unparalleled errors, it is better to withdraw the network adapter driver to the original version.

To restore the net card driver, you only need to upload the latest driver from your local computer system, then manually install the original document, or if you think it is complicated and downloadable to use some simple driver management tools, such as Driver Checker to help you automatically retract this driver.

If you have Windows XP, try the following steps:

1. Step Right-click My Computer and select Properties .

2nd Step Click and select Device Manager to open it.

3rd Step In Device Manager double-click Network Adapters .

4th Step Right-click this controller in the drop-down list and select Properties .

5th Step on the tab, click the drive select Roll Back Driver and then click OK .

Finally, the computer restores the original driver.

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