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Restoration hardware

If you are looking for an old-fashioned look, the recovery hardware may be what you are looking for. Recovery hardware is readily available online or in local special hardware warehouses that offer a wide variety of door hardware and cabinet buttons and pulls. All kinds of price ranges include restoration hardware, such as a solid brass hardware door hardware made for a 31/2-inch door. You've come up with $ 1200, so you know I've been doing it with great care.

You can get recovery hardware for any time. Victorian, early colonial, art deco, etc., Available in all different designs. In order to maintain the authenticity of the door, you want to keep the locks on the handles that lock the sport with a full handle and locking mechanisms. These conventional mortise locks require large, deep cavities at the edge of the door, which holds the boxed door mechanism. Then a bar is inserted through the door and the door buttons are held. Today's door handles are tubular and require a large diameter hole on the front face of the door on the side of the handle and the door side for a smaller hole for the closure.

Also take other recovery hardware such as curtain rods, shelf brackets, jacket hooks, cabinets and dresser pulls , buttons, hinges, and even heat and air registers. Another item I saw was hand-sewn and twisted metal rails, old time boxes and mailboxes, horse head pylons, water pumps, trunks. Anything you want to find.

So look at the adjacent hardware recovery hardware and wonder at the multitude of old-fashioned hardware.

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