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Removing Babylon

Question and Answer: How do I completely remove babylon from my computer? I was a lot of people who accidentally downloaded Babylon to my computer and although I removed it from the program list, I removed it from the Tools menu and Manage Adds, I was still on my computer when I selected a new tab in Internet Explorer for Babylon's search engine volt.

I've been searching for the internet for hours and many people have provided such simple and simple suggestions, but I've tried them and the problem is much deeper. The designer of this Babylon search engine, obviously a Trojan virus or something, catch people, simply remove them from their computer, and as a real virus, transformed and resisted this removal process.

Even before I tried to restore a "system," the Babylon virus was so complicated and sophisticated that it blocked my computer from restoring this system to an earlier time, then a message came in on the screen by blaming the anti virus software, which was not the way it was.

Well, after many hours of searching, and I called Archangel Michael to help me remove this Babylon virus from my computer, I got a prayer answer. I came with a similar experience with a person who was clearly a technical computer wizard who answered my problem. And the answer below describes somehow involving the computer to unlock the "error".

The great news is that it worked! And you can remove the Babylon program from your computer. These steps, but careful attention should be paid to:

1. STEP – Go to the Programs and Babylon and Babylon toolbars.

2nd STEP – Go to Tools (in the right corner of the Internet browser), then the Internet settings, then the default home page or whatever Babylon is.

3rd STEP – Go to the Tools menu, then manage Adders, then Toolbars / Extensions and Search Providers, and clear and remove the Babylon search engine settings. You may need to search for another search engine to add this page to remove Babylon.


5. STEP – Go to My Computer and perform a search. Enter the word – Babylon – in the search section and wait for the entire computer to search. Delete / Delete All Folders and Files with Babylon. This is the place where they're really sneaky. Somehow they resist you by deleting some of your folders and files. Try it and try it, go out of the search, do a new search, and delete your folders and all Babylonian files until they go away. You will be successful, do not give up.


7. STEP – Click the Start button; then in the REGEDIT field, type the Find text box and double-click the "File / Export" button.

8th STEP – Select Edit, then Search and Search. Delete the first file / folder with Babylon. Next, select Edit, then locate it again. Delete the second file / folder. Then continue this until your computer says "Your computer has finished all the files on your computer". You will probably have to do this 10-20 times or more. You will encounter some files that do not show the Babylon name on the surface, but when you move the cursor over it, you will see the name and of course delete the file.


You have successfully removed and removed your Babylon computer. This is truly a dark presence / power on the Internet that is designed to cause the greatest exacerbation to as many people as possible. I wish you best to overcome these dark forces.

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