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Purpose of the antivirus software

The antivirus software is software that you install on your computer, so you can get a warning if there is a virus. Antivirus software helps protect your computer against worms, viruses, trojans, and other unnamed programs

Software can help you clean your computer if you accidentally do it. The most important thing to remember is anti-virus software to make sure you update frequently to get the latest computer virus definitions installed on your software. There is no point in anti-virus software if it will not update. You can get updates from a vendor that sold anti-virus software, such as Norton

. Many times you already have antivirus software on your computer, in which case you will definitely remove it from installing the new software. To determine if there is a virus software in the Start menu, check that it is listed, for example, McAfee or Norton. Note that it is only because your computer has already installed anti-virus software that (1) does not work and (2) has not been updated for a long time.

virus software on your computer wants to make sure it is used correctly. Make sure your computer settings automatically turn on the antivirus software when you start your computer. They always want to protect you. If you download something from the Internet, your anti-virus software will tell you if there is a problem.

You can also use anti-virus software to accurately download downloads or files that have been sent by email. If you are warned that you have a virus, the software will help you remove it. Make sure your computer is not used until the virus or worm is removed. You do not want to send emails to your friends and help spread the virus.

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