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Project Management Software – Comparison with Tables for Managing Projects

Tables are the king of project management tools, as they are the most suitable tool to use and the most commonly used tool. How to compare with project management software What are the benefits and when to change the project management software? Although you can only determine when to connect, this article will go through all of the benefits and provide some guidance.

Depending on which research relies, the market for project management software is $ 1.5 to $ 3.5 billion. This applies to software specifically designed to support project management. Most organizations that have made significant efforts for effective project management have realized that it is very difficult to handle projects and people or larger projects without the support of technology.

There is no tool yet to manage the project, which is more popular or widespread than the spreadsheet, even though the spreadsheets are not designed as support tools. Tables are also used for organizations with project management tools already established. There are obvious reasons for this. A spreadsheet program can be found on almost every computer in every organization, people are familiar with spreadsheets and how they are used, and people use these "office" software tools in advance to solve problems. And I'm with them. I like the tables for tracking various types of data. It's light and comfortable and I recognize the ego boost to show what I can do in a table.

Taking into account, let's take a look at some differences between the two different device genres. For the purposes of this Article, I have chosen six criteria for performing the comparison. They chose feedback from customers and prospects, and it is important for an organization to learn about successful adoption and implementation of project tools.

Data Mining

Data mining is a major part of project management tools. The whole tool is the reason for collecting data to intelligently view this data, making sure that the processes are performing according to your ads and make good decisions. You need to know which projects and tasks slip through the cracks to react. You should know that you will not have enough resources to meet demand to properly divide them or handle demand. You need to know what problems arise to handle them now before losing the benefit of a critical customer. And you need to see how the processes work to keep improving the processes.

You have to provide data in today's economy, competitive awareness, and accountability standards. Drivers are becoming more blinded because they do not know what's coming and what's going on. Here the appropriate project management software opens, and the tables are faded. A good project management tool will be database oriented and allow multiple projects of different types of ad hoc reports. This allows mining of all kinds of data. You simply can not do this in a table at the same level. If you really know what you are doing, you can link the tables and create some integrated data. But this is not the same. You just can not put mine on the data in the multiple tables. And in today's environment it is extremely important. There have been days when the correct data is incorrect.

Advantage : Project Management Software

Easy to Use

Easy to use. But the tables obviously have an advantage. Most people are familiar with the use of tables; they are comfortable with them, in fact, even used. There is a great reason because the tables have no structure. People are generally not "forced" to use them. They can use them freely, no matter how they want it. Of course, they have disadvantages. It is very difficult to standardize a process or create any type of standard data structure if it does not have the device structure itself. However, in the case of strict usability, the tables can not be beaten.

This project management software can be audited by appropriate, relevant and regular training, simplifying implementation, and using aids such as templates. But this advantage is given to the tables.

Advantage Central Access

One of the things that organizations today do is more competitive and more effective to give everyone access to the necessary project information. Marketing organizations all about online information about customer projects. Engineering organizations followed the schedules and immediately identified the problems. Government agencies make the various necessary data online on their projects. And that's it. The value of direct access to information is profound. An engineer can examine one of the systems and can immediately find the necessary data. The client manager can track the status of your clients' projects and identify problems early. A professional service manager can examine contract information and work area for a key project before answering a question.

Productivity means that you bring results, bring things to you, or things happen. This kind of centralized access will enable those who need to know which action they should strive for in the first line of results.

Project management software, especially online project management software, will win this one hand. Spreadsheets are not designed to allow more people to access more places. They are designed with a single file / single-user scenario.

Advantage : Project Management Software

Maintenance and Administration

I talk from time to time to organizations that spend great time in maintaining the spreadsheets. You spend as much time on the tables as you use them:

  • Follow the appropriate table
  • Follow the appropriate version of the appropriate table
  • Follow the email with the appropriate spreadsheet version
  • Send an email from the appropriate table to people who are not
  • Maintain table formatting and formatting
  • Update standard format for all tables in "Process Development"
  • Create new spreadsheets

And list continue. The point is, though, that although every device takes time, the tables take too much time, as they are single-user users. Only one person can update them at a time. They also require time because they are file-based, so separate files need to be maintained. Unless an organization is really good at handling such files (exception is not the rule), files are usually stored in a non-standardized filename and in non-standardized layouts in the hodgepodge. If you spend your time studying people's time to keep tables, you'll be surprised.

Project management software on the flip side also takes time to maintain. I can not say otherwise. It takes time to make sure that the data is correct in the system, that the processes are followed properly and that information is simply received in the system. One of the flip sides of this is that many project management software systems allow everyone to enter information so that a person does not have to find and enter the information. In this scenario, maintenance is really maintenance, like continuous, continuous data entry.

In order to minimize the time spent on maintenance and project management software, these solutions focus primarily on initial settings. If you set up the system well, maintenance time is reduced. Using elements such as templates and preparatory reports can help minimize time spent in your device.

While both types of devices require time, the well-defined project management software system enjoys the tables. [19659002] Advantage : Project Management Software


Flexibility in this context means the device can adapt to processes. In practice, it refers to things like tracking specific features of your business (eg adding Fields) or implementing a new template for your project.

This is a tougher attribute that needs to be measured, especially project management software tools. Many devices are very stiff, so what do you see what you get. Some devices have become more flexible and allow for high adaptability, such as adjusting screens and data structures. This is becoming more and more important.

It is difficult to make a direct comparison, because it really depends on which project management software system you are evaluating, but in fact, many systems will not be as flexible as a table. You can create a new column or series in a tab in a table or create a whole new table to track new information. Obviously, this flexibility has disadvantages, especially the difficulty of standardizing the process. At the same time, for the flexibility to scrutinize the tables, we have to give the nod. But I warned you to test the project management software system for flexibility and comparison.

Advantage : Tables

Resource Allocation and Forecast

This is similar to data mining but it is so important to receive your own billing. Managing resources for which projects and tasks are critical elements in project management, as well as large differences between spreadsheets and project management software.

There are three critical elements to ensure good resource management. These include:

  • A Good Job Sharing Structure (Outbreak of Project Tasks)
  • Good Appearance for Some Tasks (and So Projects) (No Duration)
  • Comprehensive View of This Information in All Projects
  • By focusing the tables on a file, a good project management software system needs to win this hand. A good system provides views and reports for insight to allocate resources to look at issues and future predictions. This does not mean that you can not do this with the tables, but it is most difficult and needs a very good setup.

    Advantage : Project Management Software

    Final Thoughts

    You can only decide on the right tool for your organization. Of course, the use of tables is better than absolutely nothing. They have a value and can be good for some organizations. However, good project management software (especially at company level) is clearly beneficial to the following types of organizations:

    • Organizations that control more than a handful of projects
    • Organizations that work or manage more than a handful of people on projects
    • Organizations with Large or Complex Projects

    it is used for convenience. Comfort is not a big reason to use a tool that supports critical processes. Make sure you have chosen and used a device that adds the efficiency and productivity of people and processes, and not vice versa. This far outweighs the benefits of convenience.

    While the tables have many inherent advantages, such as natural ease of use and flexibility, you can use proven practices to minimize any disadvantage of project management software. For example, use as many templates as possible, simplify screens as many times as possible, document clear processes, focus on processes instead of features, provide good training, and produce good, relevant reports. Combined with this, the project management software benefits from enhancing efficiency, increasing productivity and resource utilization, and enhancing competitiveness.

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