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Printed Circuit Board or PCB & # 39; and functions

Many people tried to build an electronic circuit board. Did you know that you need to acquire electronic knowledge first? The PCB & # 39; or printed circuit board is a kind of electronic circuit board. Be patient when building your first PCB. It will probably cause errors or it will not work at all. Don't worry because I'm in control of making your own PCB.

PCB & # 39; like a circuit board that is very elegant. I'm not kidding. They look stylish. & # 39; PCB & # 39; it fits in many electronic parts in an organized way. This is because the copper strips (considered as copper bars) that are designed up or down or left or diagonally so the traditional method of using straight wires is not useful here. This is one of the advantages of PCB.

Apart from this, PCB & # 39; lets you learn a lot more about electronics. After you have made your own PCB, you need to test two copper bands that are adjacent to each other. In other words, both copper bars that are adjacent to each other. Turn on the voltage meter or multimeter; connection function.

Connection function works like this. If you connect both probes to a straight line, it will sound. This means that the straight line is connected. The path between the probes is valid or connected. That is why it is called the connection function.

Returning to the circuit, it is important to examine the adjacent copper bands. Why? When you receive a sound from the voltmeter, this means that the two copper bars are connected. You don't have to connect them! Notice the gap between the two copper strips. If we emit a sound, this means that there was a shortage in this case.

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