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Plotter and its types

Types of Plotter

There are three types of plotter. These are the Drum Plotter, the Flat bed plotter and the Inkjet Plotter. All three types are specifically explained in the following lines. In the past, the plotter has been widely used in applications such as CAD, although this is no longer the case. Drum Plotter seems to be an output device. In Drum Plotters, the pen is moved on an axis axis while the paper itself moves on a cylindrical drum and makes a perfect offer to add another axis. This is the reason why the size of the graph is limited only by the width of the drum and can be of any length

Flatbed drawing

This is another output device that is connected to a plotter because there are three types of plotter. Now, in the case of flat-panel posters, the paper is fixed on a flat surface while moving the pen to draw the image. This is a plotter type that can use multiple color pens to make the effect different from regular.

Here the size of the plot is limited only by the size of the flat bed


This is the third type of Plotter called inkjet plotter. Effectively pushes the ink beads directly onto the medium. In today's world, virtually every ink cartridge creates color. Low-end inkjet printers use most ink colors (cyan, magenta, and yellow), but ultimately create a complex black black that is often splashed with mud. Four-color ink cartridges use black ink for pure black printing

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