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New Technology for USB Software Protection – Secure Storage Key

For more than 20 years, the legal protection of software has grown rapidly throughout the world, while the technology protection and software coverage range continues to change considerably in the significant change in methods.

The ultimate software protection is a hardware-based security dongle, or you can call a hardware key, dongle-based protection, software copy protection dongle, and so on. This type of protection may be the best and maximally revenue from software vendors.

USB software protection benefits are faced.

~ Hardware-based protection secures sales and profit by using the USB dongle as it prevents software piracy and license violations.

~ Flexible variable licensing methods, such as subscription, lease, usage fee, period, etc.

~ A single USB dongle can protect multiple applications. A whole network can be protected with only one hardware key.

~ Remote upgrade provides sales, refresh and tracking comfort.

~ All copies of the software are registered and prohibit illegal use.

~ The USB security dongle offers two levels of protection: envelope and API. The envelope includes the decoder and several pre-designed protection to reduce the reversal. The API allows you to scan calls to the hardware key code and perform unique checks to eliminate the backward engineers' attacks

Differentiates the dongles per port:

~ Serial port: It seems that serial port dongle is a history now.

~ Parallel port: The growing USB port for all types of computers in parallel port dongles disappears in marketing.

~ USB dongles: USB port dongles are the absolute mainstream, and each position is added to each district.

Differentiates the driver heads with the driver

~ With dongle driver: customers need to install the driver before embedding the dongle, in fact, most dongle problems are caused by the driver.

~ Driver-less connector: end-users do not have to install the drive, just insert the dongle into the USB port, it works perfectly. This technical support team saves most of its work.

Separates different dongles from cases

~ Water-resistant tapes: these tapes are waterproof because the plastic is molded to withstand the water filter in the dongle body and fits perfectly with ocean software.

~ Not verified by water: the case is pressed, the possibility of water leakage into the dongle's body

The dongles are different in real time.

~ The dongles that a real-time clock is inside is called a real-time dongle. Real Time is specially designed for software vendors who need to subscribe to or maintain software leases and sales, allowing for one-off charges, so the software vendor eliminates end-users in time and periodically. This function is based on a real-time clock for signaling a given time (hours, minutes, seconds) and date (day, month, year).

~ Non-real-time dongle – There is no real-time clock in the dongle, manufacturers can set time using the virtual clock, but time can be changed by time shifting the system


~ Usually USB dongles store credentials only from a few bytes and up to 64 k. It is currently the mainstream of the USB dongle.

~ Hard drives and data in it are encrypted on the key, a new technology introduced by UniKey Drive. Ideal with software equipment stored on the on-key storage

Key features of bulk storage encrypted on-key

~ Smaller size, less oxygen

The size of the hardware keys is 30 * 2 mm, an extremely thin package. Up to 1 GB of flash memory and smart card-dongle gather in such cute situations.

~ Smartcard technology

Based on advanced smart card technologies, it is the safest technology that is proven. Such a processor controls software licenses and flash storage in memory.

~ 1GB Flash Storage

Includes a 1GB flash memory key. This is used to store user data, such as software, digital credentials. This storage space is versatile, with multiple virtual drives.

~ Virtual CD-ROM with auto-run

The hardware key can be used to create a virtual CD-ROM. The software can use the auto-run feature to easily install the software.

~ Password-protected flash drive

Virtual Flash Drive can be password protected. Allowed users can not access the data stored on the protected flash drive.

~ Encrypted and hidden flash drive

The encrypted / hidden drive feature provides software vendors the ideal storage option for storing huge amounts of data. Such drives are invisible to end-users, so there is no way to copy the data to such a drive.

With software piracy rising, software piracy not only reduces revenue, but fewer R & D, less investment in marketing and channel development, and new technologies for software security have been introduced by the hard work of software security providers

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