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My computer suddenly restarts

When the computer suddenly restarts, the bottom line causes the problem to cause this. The way to fix this problem is to fix this problem – and to look at the various issues that often cause this and improve them. The most common causes of restarting the computer are problems with problems, bugs, and registry errors. Here is how to fix them:

1) Check Hardware Problems in "Safe Mode" – The first thing you need to do is restart your computer in "safe mode". This mode was created by Microsoft to load Windows without any harmful software / drivers that could cause problems on a typical PC. This means that you can test this mode when the computer restarts due to hardware or software problems. This is the way to restart your computer and keep pressing F8 before loading it. If "Advanced Boot Options" appears, use the arrow keys to find "Safe Mode". This will launch your computer without running the software, so you can use it to restart for a few minutes. If you reset in safe mode, it suggests that there are hardware problems that a qualified person needs to record. However, if it does not restart, you probably have a problem with your computer software.

2) Rebooting is caused by restart – If your computer restarts when you try to use a particular program (such as Photoshop or a game), then the best solution is to completely reinstall the system. To do this, open the "Add / Remove Programs" application on your computer, and then remove the program that caused the problem. Then reinstall the program's fresh copy and see if it is the same problem. Software applications often contain a lot of corrupted files they need and if your computer can not read these files, the system will restart.

3) If system crashes are random, clean the registry – Registries & # 39; is one of the most important parts of Windows, and is also a major problem for PCs. This is a database that stores all kinds of settings and data on your computer, enabling you to safely store your desktop storage, stored passwords, and screen resolutions. The registry is a hidden gem under Windows that allows your computer to watch many different settings for each load. This database is the most important part of Windows, but this is also why your computer often crashes at random.

The problem is that every time you use Windows, you must read 100 files from the registry to run. However, many of these files are difficult to read or unreadable, so Windows attempts to recall the necessary settings. This is a big problem, and if your computer can not read the necessary settings – it will restart and crash. This is probably the most likely reason for your computer to restart and record with the Registry Cleaner to record the corrupted registry settings in your system.

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