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Murphy's bed hardware kits – a DIY approach to a large guest room

At the beginning of the 1900s, a new type of bed was born under the name of William Murphy. The bed, named after his inventor, is called Murphy's bed. Not long ago patented, the bed became very popular and soon Mr. Murphy opened a showroom in the United States. So what was Murphy's bed that made it so popular? That was the fact that the bed would be able to remove the trick and withdraw it into a closet when it did not need it. This allowed the owner to use the room only outside the bedroom.

Today Murphy's bed has disappeared from the American home. This is a bit sad fact because I think many people are well served by the use of the binding bed. This includes people living in small dwellings, as well as people who may want to have a guest room, but also use other premises. And if you're a working professional and an embedded bed built into an office closet, you'll have good nights sleep in those days when you have to work late. There are only a few problems.

One problem is the price. A basic model, that is, a simple cabinet and folding frame, can restore the $ 2,000 queen size model. Also, you can count on the fact that, in addition to the basic price, you will also pay for the autumn delivery charges. And speaking of shipping, this price does not include the set up, and more often than not, it does not even get the bed at the front door. This means that when the shipment appears, it will be responsible for the back of the truck.

The second problem is customization. If you do not like the availability of available cabinets, this is too bad. It's like when Henry Ford said, choose the color you want until it's black. For a working professional, if you can not confuse the cabinet with other furniture, there is a full shopkeeper there. So if prices and customization are the problems, what is the solution? Fortunately, today there are some high quality Murphy bed hardware sets.

If you carefully look at Murphy's bed, the original folds into a closet. In modern designs, a freestanding cabinet should be used that fits the wall or not, and the interior contains a fitting that allows the bed to lock into the closet. So if you buy a hardware kit, it includes hinges or gas stoppers (similar to the back of the rear car) and in cases such as bolts, bolts and nuts. As far as the wooden cabinet is concerned, Where the dignity of sweat is taking place. In other words, you can build it. So while taking a little more than an order, the customization options are almost endless. For example, suppose there is a bunch of art in a given room, so there is no place for a high freestanding wardrobe. Using the hardware kit, you can build the bed to fold it to the side. Other examples of customization include tables and sofas which, after opening the bed, are dropped.

As far as price is concerned, these hardware stocks are about 1 / 10th of the price and are small enough to get the package so that the shipments can not exceed $ 20 or $ 30 and often free shipping. Of course, you still have to buy the wood, but with the help of your own workforce you have a fairly low price. The bed I built was just over $ 600, except the mattress, though you could still build less if you use a very simple design.

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