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Mouse – one of the most important computer components

The computer can not function as without its components. Different computer components, such as motherboards, CPUs, RAMs, HDDs, PSUs, and visual cards make computers. In addition to these basic components, which are universal and present in every computer, there are many additional components, such as the printer and scanner, which play no role in the operation of the computer. However, besides these components, there are three other peripheral components: the keyboard, the monitor, and the mouse that help to operate the computer.

Why is the mouse important?

Like any computer component, the mouse also plays an important role in the operation of the computer. Without a mouse, you can not afford to send data to your computer. While you can safely use your computer with a mouse, but your mouse can greatly reduce the time and effort of a person using the computer. So the mouse definitely makes it easy for you to work with computers. If you bought a computer with a mouse, you can choose from three types of mouse: ball, optical ball and laser.

Learn the three types of mice

of rubber or metal balls inside the mouse body, which is mechanical. Although the optical version is silent as the ball mouse, the former uses optical light to detect ball movement within the mouse. The optical mouse needs a mouse pad for proper operation. The laser light works with a laser light that senses the movements. This type does not require a mousepad to function and may favor mice in their traditional breeds as they can react more quickly to actions


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