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Lay Software Review – Horse Racing Software Systems Scam?

Lay Software is a real horse racing software that can really earn money automatically or is it just another scam? If you've visited the software website, you should know that programmers are claiming to get thousands of dollars a month on Betfair's "fully automated" system. I knew I was skeptical for the first time, until I finally decided to go and try this service.


This software is tested and developed by a professional Betfair punter (who lives in Cyprus under Paul) and an experienced British software developer (David).

2nd Ever since Lay Software helped me right now?

Before I try this software betting service, I'm just a regular horse racer who can earn money from time to time but never had a consistent profit that he always has. Now that Lay Software warrants my profits and does not have to spend time searching for information, it makes the punting experience more enjoyable.

Overall, the Lay Software helped me make more money than I could possibly have done by hand and released my many times. Well-known features and intuitive user interface are very easy to use.

3rd Learn more about the Lay Software creators

Paul is a professional horse racer whose retirement system resulted in a 40% gain in one day. The only disadvantage of his system was that he needed a lot of time to find the key information needed to locate and attracted the attention of the competitors before the start of the race.

David has nearly 2 years of experience as a licensed Betfair API developer and has programmed and tested his Paul system with automated software. The end result is a powerful horse racing stick that automatically receives and is profitable on Betfair. You can see the results of how Lay Software has implemented the link below.

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