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Laptop Hardware Repair

Laptop is essential for students and working individuals. Thanks to its portability, users can write important documents using wireless modems to connect to the Internet and watch movies at any time and from anywhere. But without proper care, this machine may stop and, in particular, problems with the LCD monitor may arise. Here are some tips that can help you troubleshoot your laptop's LCD screen.

Is there anything wrong with your screen? If this is the case, there is a possibility that the laptop LCD display (liquid crystal display) will be backlit. The LCD backlight is a light source that provides a clear picture on the screen. LCD Diagnosis Symptoms are as follows:

– Dim laptop LCD

– flickering screen

– poor images on the LCD

– no video

– missing laptop LCD

and are as follows:

– Laptop inverter

– LCD lamp

– Inverter cable

– Switching switch

Damage to the above parts may lead to the above symptoms. Unfortunately, there is no other way to make sure that one component is damaged without the use of a tester. One of the main reasons for the damage to the parts is excessive use of age and laptop. Parts, such as the LCD lamp, usually last for two years.

Apart from black light, the LCD screen itself may be damaged. This problem can be very serious because LCD is the most dangerous and expensive part of your laptop. Symptoms of LCD damage are as follows:

– Defect of the screen

– Displays tapes or lines on the screen

LCD damage is usually caused by hard effects on laptops. Do not forget that the LCD is a very sensitive and fragile device. Even the smallest pressure on the LCD can break.

The only way to restore the backlight and LCD monitor is to replace them. The replacement of the LCD monitor alone costs $ 250, with the exception of the $ 120 service charge that most laptop repair companies charge for.

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