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Is the hardware obsolete?

The question is that businesses and individuals do not ask so often as "The hardware is obsolete?" Surprisingly, as some people may seem, many people do not understand that computer hardware may become outdated, or obsolete hardware may shut down their business for some time. Particularly at the time when a large part of business's business is interconnected with the Internet or their networks and systems, old hardware can cause problems.

The current rule of computer life is three years. I think this depends on how you use your computer or network in your business. On days when computers were primarily used for word processing functions or simple database applications, outdated hardware does not count too much. But in today's business environments – even for personal use – hardware can break or break business.

Let's look at some of the ways that outdated hardware can affect your business.

first The monitor fades or flashes. This is incredibly annoying. Or the monitor or the graphics card may be the problem. Monitors are worn out like TVs. An old graphics card may not be enough for sophistication and power to be able to handle today's more advanced graphics.

2nd The computer stops. How much work did you lose because the computer stopped when you were in the middle of something? How many sales did you lose because your system stopped for 6 hours? Where are accessories connected? Is there a port with a power source? Is this power supply suitable for running the accessory?

3rd You are constantly losing your Internet connection. Do you really think that every website has a lot of problems? It may not be your Internet service provider. The problem may be outdated DSL hardware. Every year we communicate faster and faster. An old DSL modem can easily cause connection problems.

4th The files look like someone has translated them into Cyrillic or something else. This is probably a symptom of a dying hard drive. If a hard drive is dead, you will lose some or all of the files – program files and data files.

5th Do you slow down or lock your computer by opening three programs? If so, memory is likely to be low. Memory is another capacity of computers that is constantly updated. Do not interfere with storage with memory. The more sophisticated and complex the graphics and other files, the more memory they require. It may be that an older system has much less memory than newer models.

6th The printer can not understand what the computer says. This is a problem with the printer, the computer, printer, printer drivers, or the printer's memory. Do not you hate this spectacular report and can not print it?

7th Your programs will always be up to your instructions. It is very frustrating to sit and wait until your computer files or updates something. If you find that your programs run extremely slowly, you may not have enough memory or because the processor is out of date. Older systems have less memory and slow processors.

8th The approved flyer has different colors or the lines are not sharp. Probably there is an old graphics card; or the monitor may be low resolution. Or it may cause color distortion and loss of sharpness.

ninth You work fine as long as your computer is suddenly locked. There are several reasons for this. Your computer may overheat or may be out of the hard disk drive, or you may use outdated software. You probably find that the only solution is to shut down and restart your computer. But he probably loses what he's been working on.

10th If the computer is shut down without an error message or other obvious explanation, it may be a Random Access Memory (RAM) problem. But it can also indicate that there is a problem with the motherboard.

There are only a few ways that outdated hardware can cause problems for network users and businesses. Keeping the system up to date and regularly checking it will help you avoid expensive problems.

Copyright (c) 2007 Thomas Burns

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