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IRS Tax Solutions Software

In history, so many people did not belong to the IRS with shocking amounts of taxes. They now need help and are willing to pay significant costs to relieve pain! If you are a CPA, an enrolled agent or tax attorney, you can represent clients before the IRS and provide assistance with their various means, such as OIC (Compromise Offer), Custody Agreement, Innocent or Broken Marriage Protection, Collection Due Process (CDP) etc

The most attractive tool for all this is a compromise offer, because sometimes it is possible to delete the client's tax payment a pure huge discount. However, there are not many advantages and disadvantages. We have a chance to deduct the tax liability from $ 50,000 to a few hundred dollars, but this also means that all of your assets will be disclosed to the IRS. And let me tell you that the IRS machine is not sleeping. If you send and reject a bid, make sure your customer needs to know that he will knock on the door soon. Another trap of the OIC is that only about 15-20% of the submitted bids go to the IRS. So what are you doing to get these 15-20%? You use not only your brain cells, but also include software that provides analysis, diagnose customer IRS tax problems, evaluates whether your client has selected an offer and will help you with all the necessary forms.

Recent survey shows that most US representatives manually prepare OIC and other solving issues, literally using brain, pencil and calculator. It takes a long time to prepare a successful case and back up all the necessary documentation. So why not use cloud computing software that automates the process and saves time and money? Well, until recently there was no software development that was developed for tax representatives. Fortunately enough just until recently.

This new software is specifically designed for CPAs, EAs, and Taxpayers, ie for professionals who represent clients before the IRS. This software has tools to estimate customer privileges for a compromise bid, analyze the issue, and find the best resolution approach, and estimate how much you should pay for resolution. Alongside the software, you prepare all the required resolution formats, such as 433-A, 433-B, 656, and 20 other forms. The calculation process is fully automated, each formula is built in, and the results are refreshed when you change the values. Throughout the process, you can find tips, suggestions, and tips on how to better answer IRS forms questions. There is no need to create additional schedules, the software is for you. In addition, you can add additional notes to each line in the IRS form, and these notes will be printed and attached to your case. We know a lot more about the latest revolutionary software.

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