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Internet Privacy Software – How to Search the Internet anonymously

For both "good" and "bad" reasons, anonymously wants to navigate the Internet. We can all estimate at least one reason why surfing should be kept private and not just because you want to be an evil hacker.

But there may be other reasons to hide their identity when publishing information or comment as critical or speaking. It is simply the belief that everyone has the right to privacy, even if we are surfing online. In today's "Homeland Security" world, not just the "bad guys" who do not want the government to be merciful to their own and personal business. Many consider this to be a fundamental right: the right to privacy.

You may be hiding your identity from sites or simply hide your surfing from your local eyes. Does not matter. Anonymous browsing needs and opportunities exist since the beginning of the Internet

Anonymous web surfing services generally work like this: logging on to the service (known as a proxy service) and telling the site you want to visit. This – for you – will visit your site and then show you the page. What you receive from a visited web site is the information (like IP address, browser type, country) about the service, not you. Cookies, scripts, pictures, and more. You can disassemble the webpage tracking tools from your computer.

Free services generally do not encrypt your data, for example, others can see the service's own log files. If you have to call them and translate the files, I can keep track of them. It may not be the kind of protection you are looking for

And of course, a record remains on your computer unless you have taken steps to prevent it from happening, such as turning off cookies and search history. There are many data protection software available to help you clear your footprints and computer evidence.

Now … you must know that anonymous surfing does not guarantee 100%. Not possible. Even the so-called "bullet-proof" anonymous settings may be interrupted if we thought it was bad enough for resources. Note that if a person can create a software program, another person can crack … and have fun!

Your best bet is to do your homework. The research data protection software of the research is available and read from popular proxy servers to find the most suitable for your needs.

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