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Installing McAfee Antivirus from a CD

McAfee Antivirus offers security solutions for browsers, emails, and web security, along with blocking infections of online threats such as viruses, trojans, worms, and other malware. There are two ways to install McAfee Anti-Virus software on your computer. One is from the software CD that is described here and others from the Internet.

Before we begin the installation process, we assume that you already have a McAfee antivirus CD. If not, you can call the McAfee support. A McAfee-centered computer center is also available to obtain the installation disk. You must manually keep the manual or documentation of McAfee Anti-Virus software as you can print the product key somewhere

. If you first install McAfee on your computer, you may need to do some more things to ensure that McAfee is properly installed. If you have previously had other antivirus software, remove it completely from your computer before installing the McAfee software. The two antivirus programs are always prone to conflict with each other, causing frequent and frequent malfunctions in error messages. Insert the McAfee installation disc into the computer's CD drive. Wait for the automatic prompt. The McAfee Security Setup window appears.

Press Next to continue. If no automatic message appears, click Start and navigate to My Computer (Computer if Windows 7 or Vista). Double-click the removable CD drive icon, for example E: or D: etc. Icon. Displays the McAfee installation disc. Press the Next button in the McAfee Setup window. Click to accept the license agreement and press OK or Next (depending on which one you see) to proceed to the next screen. If you choose the type of installation, select Custom or Feature.

If you have any other option, click on it and press Next. Select the protection level if you are prompted for instructions on the screen, and then press Next. When prompted, click the Install button. If you want the latest virus and malware to be automatically downloaded and installed, click the Update Now button. Press Finish. You start checking updates, automatically download and install them, and finish the process. When done, restart your computer.

Your computer prompts you to restart. If not, restart the installation after the installation finishes. When done, you can find the McAfee shortcut on the desktop screen. A M icon is also displayed in the taskbar. If you can not find the shortcut on the desktop, click Start and go to All Programs. You can find the list of McAfee Security Center, right-click it and select Send and then Desktop (Create Shortcut). The desktop will be McAfee shortcut.

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