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Installing and connecting the printer

If you have a computer, you probably need to connect a printer that allows you to print documents, and so on. When you buy the printer, you need to install it with the least amount of fuss. The printer will execute a printer driver that is the software required to connect to the computer.

How to install the printer:

Turn on the computer and consider the following options that fit the situation:

• If the printer has a plug and play device, the Windows application identifies and automates the installation . All you have to do is set the printer and connect it to your computer with the right cable. Turn it on and be ready to print.

• Disk Printer: Insert the driver into the CD drive and execute the on-screen instructions. After completing all instructions, you must be ready to print

If the printer does not have the above settings, you can do it manually. Continue with the Start – Control Panel and then the Printer button. This will get you to the printer. Click the Add Printer button and the Printer Wizard starts. Then follow the instructions. Select Add a Local Printer, and then press the following button.

The wizard prompts you to specify which computer expansion slot you want to connect to the printer. Click on the cursor from the Use existing field field arrow and select the desired port. If you are unsure which port you choose, go to the port that Windows recommends. Once selected, press the following key.

The following instruction prompts you to select the manufacturer of the printer you are installing and the model. Choose which one is right for you.

The following instruction is to enter the printer name. You can enter your own name or leave the default name, which is the printer's name and printer model.

You can use this as the default printer. If you want to change the default value for another printer, clear the check box in the Edit Printer Name box of the Set Default Printer check box

. Keep in mind that you can not only install a printer,. Do not forget to set the default printer as the most commonly used printer.

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