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Improve Internet Explorer 6

Although Internet Explorer 6 has been replaced by version 7, there may be a valid reason for not updating the latest version. The good news is that if your computer is struggling with frequent instability problems that are suspected of running IE 6, it can easily resolve the issue without unnecessarily updating IE 7.

Patches are used to optimize the Windows registry. The registry is stored in Windows under a master database where all the information about the storage of all hardware, software, users, system security, operating system and network is stored.

If this database is not compromised, searches with the registry may be extremely slow and ineffective, and IE 6 may generate, slow down, or crash.

Optimizing the registry eliminates all data integrity issues, deletes outdated hyperlinks, optimizes registry entries, and compresses the database to occupy less hard disk space.

The result will be a much faster internet browsing experience. It is worth noticing the significant increase in web page loading time. IE 6 itself will start much faster. It is less likely to experience the notorious "hourglass" that locks the web browser (and sometimes even its own operating system).

You will be as if you have a completely new machine, again.

We recommend that you regularly optimize your Windows registry, just like an anti virus or an anti-spyware program. Maintenance of your computer is like maintaining a car. Both routinely stir up the maintenance of perfect operation.

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