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HP Photosmart Printer Overview

The HP series of Photosmart printers is one of the industry's best. HP is more than just about anyone in the business of printers so they know what they are doing when they build a quality printer.

I'm looking at two low cost multifunction printers from HP: the C4680 and the C4780. These two printers have prices between $ 70.00 and $ 130.00. Since I'm on the market with a low-cost, multifunctional tool, I'll look at these two options. All you need to know is that multifunction printers are printing, scanning, and faxing.

The C4680 can be used to print without a printer, just insert a memory card and print high-quality photos, a computer is required. But one of the reasons for these low-cost printers is that it feels cheap. Another issue is the ink cost. I really think that printing companies have thrown such cheap printers for loss and money into ink.

Something to keep in mind to check ink purchase costs. But do not just check the price and see how the output power per cartridge is. Just because a cartridge is cheaper does not mean it is a better deal if you do not have a better output power per page.

The HP C4780 is wireless, which has something I'm looking for right at the gate. Wifi can be one of the few pluss of this model. Again there is an ink question. The ink is very expensive for this model. There are also few bells and whistles on this model.

I conclude that I might get the C4680, but certainly not the C4780. Although the price is around $ 130.00, which is fairly reasonable, high ink prices and limited features make it a non-launcher. Since the C4680 is so cheap and the print quality is good, it is worth buying when it lasts for a year.

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