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How to rebuild the Windows driver database?

Sometimes a problem-free tool does not work after you have installed or updated the specified driver in Windows 98 / ME and still does not work after reinstalling the driver. If you do not have a loss, you should try to re-create the Windows driver database.

The Windows driver database contains all current drivers for this system, these database packages are located in Drvdata.bin and in Drvidx.bin for Windows Inf

. If the driver has been updated or changed, the driver database information will also be changed. However, Windows does not check if the driver is installed correctly or not. So, if you meet the issues mentioned at the beginning of my article, you can reinstall the Windows driver information database and delete information about possible variations in the driver installation.

The following steps are:

1. to make the drivers well prepared before updating the driver database because Windows asks you to install this tool after uninstalling

2. Navigate to Windows Security Mode, press the Windows and Break keys to open the System Properties tab, and then click on Device Manager. Delete the problem tool in this list and close this page. If you are prompted to restart your computer, select No.

3rd Click Start and select Search, click on all files and folders. Insert the Drvdata.bin folder and click Search. Right-click Drvdata.bin, select Rename, and change your name to the file.

4th Step 3: Replace Drvidx.bin with

5th Step: Restart the device in normal mode. Then Windows builds the driver database and asks you to install the device. Insert the drive floppy disk or go to the specified location on the hard disk and install the device.

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