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How to play any video file from the Pioneer AVH P4200DVD

When buying the Pioneer AVH P4200DVD, you may assume that you can view all the formats of a DVD player. But after you've installed it on your vehicle, you know that only DivX video can be played. So, what can you do?

Do not waste your time sobbing and complaining. First, you need to get to know each video format more deeply. In addition, it focuses on your efforts to run them into your DVD player.

DivX is a video code issued by DivX in 2001, which was won in 1998 by French hacker Jerome Rota in Montpellier. DivX is different from DIVX or Digital Video Express. The last stable version was 7, and was released in 2009. Then, in September 2010, DivX Plus Web Player (beta version) was introduced. In HTML5 video format, this version supports video codecs such as DivX, AVI, MKV, MP4 and MOV videos. An additional file format storage also supports H264 video in MP4 or MOV

AVI or Audio Video is a multimedia storage format made by Microsoft as part of a video that was released by Microsoft in November 1992 for Windows technology. the original AVI specification could not count on the fastest growing new computer video techniques. This format also contains several problems as it may not contain a reliable type of certain VBR data, does not provide standardized mode for encoding the ratio ratio data, and does not intend to include variable frame rate content.

Matroska or Matroska Multimedia Container is an open standard free container format that was established early in December 2002. Google 2010 is sponsored development WebM, a multimedia container format based on Matroska VP8 format video and Vorbis audio format. This means that Matroska will be bigger and more important than today. [QuickTime
QuickTime file format (filename extension MOV) is an expandable, special multimedia framework that Apple Inc. manufactures. MOV can handle many audio formats, images, digital video, panoramic pictures, and interactivity. QuickTime can be integrated with MacOS X and can be downloaded as a stand-alone installation to Windows.

The four are the famous video format and many more. But the AVH P4200's DVD player can only be used with DivX files. So, what can you do if you have a MKV or MOV file?

You have three options. First, do not buy an AVH P4200 and discover car videos that supported the files. Secondly, do not look at your movies that this Pioneer can not play. Third, convert your files to DivX format. This is the Best Choice

So how to convert a MKV or AVI file into DivX format? Learn the video converter software. Do not worry, lots of free software downloads can be downloaded here, one for DivX Plus Converter. Add a movie file that you want to convert your sample and playback to the AVH P4200. If you are satisfied with the conversion result, you can convert multiple files. But the free version of DivX Plus Converter and DivX Plus Codec Pack is only available for 15 days. You can then purchase the Pro version and receive a 30-day money back guarantee.

With DivX Pro you can create a DivX file by unlocking pro functions. Easily convert MKV, WMV, AVI, MOV and MP4 files to DivX. You can create a DivX file in your favorite video applications such as VirtualDub or Sony Vegas. You can also use the preset profile to create high-quality DivX videos for DivX HD, DivX home theater or DivX wireless devices.

You can write new files to a USB flash drive or an empty DVD. Then he attached the file to the media for the AVH P4200 DVD player. And Voila, you can watch Megan Fox's performance or enjoy Justin Bieber's performance.

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