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How to paint the cabinet hinges

Did you mean how to paint the cabinet hinges? The answer is very, very carefully! This is probably not helpful. Various options are available to illuminate the cabinet hinges. A simple method is just a little preparatory work.

Let's look at the "simple" method. By this method you do not have to pull the cabinet door from the hinges. Just a Piece of Simple Supplies

A Ribbon
A Hobby Knife
A Fine Tapered Brush
Wet Ragno
Old Newspapers

Preparation is the biggest time consuming here. First you have to mask the cabinet hinge. Begin at the outside edge of the workspace and add layers when it is closer to and closer to the wrist strap.

When the tape is approaching the hinge, use the hobby knife to fit the ribbon exactly to the wrist strap. It is essential not to be exposed to the cabinet. You can use the tip of the hobby knife to push the ribbon into place.

Place the old newspapers on the under counter where you want to paint. Use this as a work area for the paint and catch drops that may otherwise spill over to the counter.

Then clean the wrist with a mild soap and water, then let it dry. You do not want to paint any port or build goop.

Now comes the fun section, the painting. Use the entire strap to evenly apply the brush with a fine stamp. Use only as much paint as necessary. You do not want to end any drip that can fall into the closet or hang the strap.

Leave the cabinet for a few hours to let the paint dry.

Operate the door dryly to prevent the paint wraps on the wrist strap.

The door is completely open, now it slides across the strap. What I pick up to enter a second layer needs to catch stains that the brush could not reach when she closed the cabinet door.

He once left for a few hours to let it dry.
After a well-deserved break, close and open the door several times to make sure the hinge does not stick. If it works well and looks good without a bubble or drip, I congratulate you when you're ready.

All you have to do is clean. Make sure the stain is pulled up as soon as possible. You do not want to risk leaving behind remnants that you have to get rid of it.

Everything has a quick wrist grip. Now that you know how to paint a cabinet hinges in the simple way, you do not have to worry about the severe pain of cutting doors in cabinets and removing all the hardware. It only requires a little planning and preparation work and will have great results.

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