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How to make your own software for the niche

First, I'll tell you what new applications I have created with the new software developer to understand what types of applications can be created. My first application was just a simple bird watching log. Includes Time and Date, Notes field, approximately 8 photos for each record, notes for each photo, and some additional fields for Bird Type, common name, location, etc. Eg Travel log, then a dating diary, travel agency diary and travel reward and organizer. We can see that the possibilities are endless, as long as people need information, I can create this with the new software developer

When I create my own software, with this new software developer I first need to know what I want to include. So, to get started, I get a pen and pad and start writing the fields to list. Sorta like a mind map. I know I have to create different software objects and add them to different software projects.

So my software object where I start will be what we call editors, the editors are the fields that you will be in the object. First, I name the object and change the settings, such as navigation text and subtitle, and the type of object. Since this is a new object, I will use the custom object so I can customize the way I want it. Other types of objects can load an entire book so we won't enter here. Then I click on the editors tab and then on the new editor, and then I get the page and start adding the editors I have described to the software object 1 at the same time. and selects the editor type, the & # 39; text & # 39; & # 39; & # 39 booster; & # 39; & # 39 currencies; & # 39; numeric & # 39 ;, & # 39 ;, radio box, drop-down list, and the list goes on. You can even add hyperlinks to your affiliate links in the software. Just add an editor and click Save and New and add the following until I complete all fields.

And so my software object is ready. It's time to create a software project to add my object to. Software projects may contain as many software objects as needed, and the database created for these projects may contain up to 4TB of data. Software objects can be reused in other projects, so they have unlimited design capabilities.

So now we move to the builder's Software Project phase, give our software a name and description for our own use. Make sure you leave a brand name (yes, you can create software that other companies can re-brand with their own branded screens, etc.). We then give our software an address, version, choose the skin to use, enter the category, and help the files. Select the icon you want to use and select the splash screen.

On the installation page, we provide your company information, website, help URL, update URL, installation password if necessary, compression mode (this is how you decide), and the installation files are compressed from compressed web exe to uncompressed directory layout, and create a desktop or quick launch icon or both.

On the next page, we can decide whether to enable trial usage, how many attempts, and if desired, add a trial activation sequence, and add some HTML to the field to add an opt-box to the splash screen of the trial version.

Now we get to the bottom and add our software object by clicking on the + sign and select the previously created software object. Click Save and now go to the different tab at the top of the new software developer and click Run.

Our software will now execute, so we can execute the final layout.

object in the navigation menu and click the new button. This creates the software object for customization. Right-click between the objects and select & # 39; Layout Layout & # 39; This mode allows us to drag fields or editors anywhere we want them to be placed. Some can be grouped together, grouped together, add space, add separators, tabs, add tabs to the ears, the sky here is the limit when we get the visual design of our software.

we all set the way we like, touch the close button, and when trying to save it, let's say unless we add pre-filled data to our application and then save it.

add data or not, it's time to create the executable file, and it's as simple as pressing the "create" button next to the "run" button that was previously running, and naming our file. this new software developer then creates its executable files for distribution to clients.

I hope this helps make it easier for you to create your own software with this new software developer. The software you create can be sold or sold for free or for experimental use. You can export layouts and give them to your own brand. Usage is endless.

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