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How to install a kitchen cabinet hardware

Installing a kitchen cabinet hardware may be a bit tricky. You must make accurate measurements to ensure that everything is aligned evenly and evenly. Of course there is one up to do it yourself. You get the hardware you want to save thousands of dollars in a conversion work.

Various options are available for each type of hardware. We look at a few different types and how to install them.

The first thing you need to do is install the hinges.

There are a few different hinge types. The two most common are the surface mount and the flat mount.

Surface mounted hinges are much easier to install hardware. They install the cabinet face and only need a few simple measurements.

Here, find the mounting hinge for the surface:

Hold the cabinet door up and mark two wrist positions on the door and the cabinet.

Get your friend to hold the door in place while drilling the hinge clamping points.

The next thing is screwing the hinges.

Open the door in the entire range of motion to make sure it is free to fluctuate and does not stick when it comes into contact with the cabinet.

As long as your friend helps you go ahead and complete all locker doors at this time.

Mounting recessed hinges is more difficult to do, you still need help.

With recessed hinges, the shifts on the inside of the cabinet must be marked. The wrist strap around the door frame is attached to the back of the cabinet. In addition, the installation procedure is the same as the surface mounting brackets.

The following hardware device to install, draws the drawer. The two main types are as follows:


Surface fixing handles can simply be installed with some decorative screws through the handle tip. Just hold the handle in place and guide the two screws. Measure the center of the handle to the side and bottom of the cabinet door, giving you a reference point for the other door handles.

The buttons are easy to install. Hold the button back to the door. Select the mount point.

Drill through the cabinet door.

Insert the screw into the hole and tighten the handle.

For the screws that require two screws, the procedure is roughly the same. The obvious difference is that you have to hold another screw. You just need to measure another offset and drill two holes.

The main elements of the kitchen system are hinges, door screws and drawer drawers. There is a need for some math skills to carry the measurements between the cabinets, but unlike the installation work, it is quite straight forward. Installation of kitchen furniture is not that difficult. Just take the measurements and find a helper for the job.

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