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How to grab a hammock – Use the right hardware

Relaxing in the hammock, life is one of the greatest joy of all time. The gentle gesture in the hammock is a great excuse for one or two hours and just let the rest of the world go.

The hammocks can be placed between two trees, concrete blocks embedded in concrete or a specially designed stand. But to keep the person in the hammock unexpectedly on the ground without interrupting some bones in the process, it is important to follow the steps to secure the hammock securely in place to support the weight of the human body suspended.

If you hang the hammock between the two trees on the back yard, first place the hammock on the ground and measure its length from the circular suspension ring from one side to the other. Then add a foot to the measurement as the proper distance between the trees to properly hang the hammock.

Make sure you use the right hardware for the security of hammocks. Buy bolts of at least half a centimeter in diameter with the washer and the nuts. Drill a hole at least five feet above the tree on every tree through the tree. Insert the screw on both sides of the hammock, fasten the washer and nut on the other side to secure the screw to the wood. Avoid using the eye bolts to hang the hammock from the tree type as the threads on these screws can overtake time and the hammock drops to the ground. Use a strong connecting link connector (at least 1/4 in. Thick) so that the round loop at both ends of the hammock is connected to the screw in the wood.

If your trees are not properly positioned to accommodate the length of a hammock, you can still enjoy two wooden hammocks outdoors. Digging a hole at each end of the hammock, insert a six-inch six-inch wooden pole into each hole and secure the hole with concrete. Do not attempt to suspend the hammock until the concrete is completely discharged. Each column must be deepened to a depth of at least two meters deep to secure it securely and prevent the weight of the hammock from falling. Bolts, washers and nuts must be inserted in the poles in the same way as a wood as a pole and connect both ends of the hammock with a chain link.

The dependence of a hammock between two trees or two columns does not allow the flexibility of moving the hammock when you decide to change places. If you want a portable hammock, you will find beautiful eucalyptus wooden stairs. It is essential to buy a hammock that has been built to carry the weight that you want to use in the hammock while in use, so the frame is not damaged, damaged or crashed.

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